Thursday, 23 December 2010



Durning the seasons of autumn / winter it is most important that you are rocking the right shoes for the weather conditions. With the surprising immense amount of snow that England faced this year, its best to be ready for anything in the most fabulous way ever.

Who said being well suited for the weather had to be boring, when you have the most chicest Wellington boots around, designed by Burberry, Hunters, Valentino and Jimmy Choo created a luxury Crocodile line for Hunters. Celebrities (above) make sure that they are also working this casual trend, by paring their wellies with other winter essentials such as scarfs, fur coats, big bags.

Tips on Working your Wellies with your Wardrobe:
  1. Make sure you allow the wellies to do the talking, don't empower them with other statement garments or accessories, allow the ultimate winter boot to make the trend. Allow them to POP.
  2. Tuck them into a Jeans works the best., and pair it all with a big warm coat, keep the coat basic.
  3. Always finish you outfit with the perfect bag.

Below are pictures of my favourite wellies for the rainy / snowy season!-

Monday, 20 December 2010

An Exceptional Life- By SKarman

An Exceptional Life:

“SKarman’s (*) Passion”-By Karman Sangera

The mind is the main element which controls every consequenc of your life. Be sure to go into your day with a positive start, and a better outlook on the challenges that you faced in your yesterday. Everyday may not be good, but there’s something good in everyday, greet your day with confidence.

Be prepared for life, be patient with life, just sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster ride, at the right moment in time all will be revealed and every question will be answered. Each hurdle that you overcome is adding to the development of you into a greater person.

Don’t be afraid of the speed of time, it is mechanism that is uncontrollable and irreversible. When an opportunity arises don’t be afraid to put in all that you can offer, you never know just where it will take you. Never regret that you have lost yesterday and today is also slipping away, live out the moment and create the right memories. Anything is possible, with the right mindset and the right mode of fight, listen to your voice and all the rest will fall into place.

Life is worth the struggle when you look back and realize what you have now and how far you have come. Without making a move you cant really get far in life, it’s about taking the right risks and not worrying about the outcome. Comparing yourself to someone else is the wrong direction of encouragement, you

can never really understand the journey that they have been through. Life is created individually and is only compatible to that person, appreciate that we are all built different because we all offer such beautiful unique elements to the world.

Even if you don’t succeed celebrate the opportunity and the success of how far you made it. Next time believe more in your ending and you will feel a difference in your performance and the way you start your game. Life is about experiencing the ultimate dream and learning a few lessons on the way. Put your heart and soul into everything that life throws at you, it is a test from god and a lesson from the heavens.

We learn to define happiness for ourselves, with the help of all that we have made it through and the people we share it with. Never settle for the short side of life, don’t spend your time watching from the side, get in and upfront. Just remember what you think of as bad luck, is actually a push into the right direction. Look on the bright side of a grey situation, because under all the thunderclouds lies the sunshine.

The strength to never give up is the strength and mind of a winner... J -SKarman

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Kim K Launches Luxury Watch Line


The Armenian Social-light of Hollywood Kim Kardashian, has Launched her own line of Luxury Watches this month. She is considered to be this generations style and glamour icon. The Kardashian is always seen to be photographed by the paparazzi, showing off her everyday style and accessories.

Kim Kardashian has signed herself up with many different brands and is now looking to boost her own brand. With the success of her perfume line in the USA, and the ever famous boutique store 'Dash', which she and her Sisters have created, Kim decides to dip into designing luxury accessories.

The watches in this collection are made with precious materials such as gold and embellished with Swarovski crystals. The inspiration behind the creation of the classic and stylish timepieces came from Kim's favourite cities London, Miami, Manhattan and Beverly Hills.

Kim Kardashian said: “I wanted to create a line exclusive watch suitable for all women. Each model has a different fashion, but all those are very elegant, sophisticated and fashionable, every woman can find the model that best fits her personality."

Kim launched her collection on the 7th of December, at 'The Grove' in Los Angeles.-

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Naeem Khan


Naeem Khan is a Mumbai born, American fashion designer to the Hollywood's biggest stars, after launching his fashion brand 'Naeem Khan' in 2003. His collections consist of exquisite cuts, beautiful hand-work embroidery, sophisticated gowns and chic separates. He grew up in India, being influenced by the culture, architecture, history and aesthetics of the hand embroidery capital. His talent and knowledge grew from the influence of his granddad and father, that are well known in India for their craftsmanship of clothing and intricate deigns that have been worn by the Royal Family.

Since his early days of success many of his collection pieces have been worn by the A-listers of Hollywood and powerful women such as, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Taylor Swift, First Lady Michelle Obama and Queen Noor of Jordan.

I love the way in which Khan works well with the placement of embroidery and print, the way in which he understands a women's body, allowing the fabric and cuts to elegantly drape beautifully. Below are some of my favourite pieces from his Autumn/Winter 2010 and Spring / Summer 2011 collection. -★

Claridge's Galliano Chrristmas Tree


The festive season of christmas time has arrived, and so that means its time to start hanging up the decorations, writing out the christmas cards and finishing the christmas shopping.

And so, the Famously know afternoon tea hot spot of Mayfair London, The Claridges has installed its christmas tree that has been designed by haute couture designer John Galliano for Dior, the second year running. He says "The Claridge's Art Deco interiors never fail to inspire me. I wanted to create an underwater fantasy and hope that it inspires a truly luxuruious escape and a very luxurious festive season."
For 2010, Galliano has created a truly magnificent design, using the ocean as his muse, for this "Under the sea" fantasy Christmas tree. The tree is made up of sparking silver leaves, pink coral, sea horses, fish, anemones, starfish and jelly fish, this unconventional christmas tree, is truly a one of a kind masterpiece.-