Thursday, 31 May 2012

The T-shirt


Everyone owns one, & everyone wears them in their own way...

The ultimate garment, that you can never have too many of, and that you can always have memories attached to them. From prints, logos, quotes, pictures and even embellished, the style of t-shirts are always being recreated. 

Many people collected t-shirts from certain events or occasions, whether their music, arts, fashion or personal events, a t-shirts is something you can always keep and wear again anytime, and anyhow. 

Many celebrities and designers use them to send out strong messages to the public. The perfect blank canvas easily modified into something that suits you. 

Heres some of my favourite T-shirts available now in stores: 

  • LANVIN, £640, Embellished t-shirt (available at

  • MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF, £130, Printed t-shirt (available from

  • ZARA, £22.99, Open back printed T-shirt, (available from & in stores) 

SKarman's T-shirt Look:

One casual day, after attending an epic concert the night before of the famous Roc Nation musical brothers, Jay Z & Kanye West, I decided to incorporate my unforgettable experience into my next day look. 

After purchasing a t-shirt from the concert, as a statement of momentous from the extravagant evening, i decided styling it with my leather armed parka, blue jeans and wedged sneakers which I am a total fan of lately, simple adding to the casual and laid back mood that any t-shirt brings. Still in the electric hip-hop vibe that I experienced the night before at Watch The Throne concert, I believed that sneakers were the only choice. And Sunglasses always, of course! xX

So experiment with how your work your t-shirts, and remember you can never have too many.-

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Flower Power !

ƸӜƷ Flower Power ƸӜƷ 

New blooms for your Spring / Summer Wardrobe: 

This summer time, be sure to be inspired by mother natures creation, with many summer outfits feature the peace and love trend of flowers, from Christopher Kane's organza 3D flower dress, to Louis Vuitton's cut-out metallic and fresh whites flower design. The perfect summer's day outfit. 

Work the power of your flower summer dress, with flats or wedge, depending on the occasion. For a more casual approach, pair long maxi floral prints with denim waistcoats and messenger bag. For evening, wear your hair up allowing the dresses beautiful blooms to be truly admired. 

Keep you cool and stylish, from the runways to the high streets store, you'll be sure to come across many items in your favourite high street store.

Favourite High Street Picks:

  • ZARA: There's always room for more Zara in your wardrobe, with its garments always on trend. I LOVE this body-con floral print dress, with round neck, i defiantly feel there's some inspiration from British designer Stella McCartney's iconic cuts. 
You simply can not go wrong with this dress, easily paired with anything to be dressed up or down. Simply ADORE!

Embrace your flirty feminine side girlies.-

Wedged Sneakers

Wedge Sneakers

Embrace your inner Tomboy:

The perfect stylish casual shoes around. If your the type of girl that can't give up her heels, than the fashion gods, have been listening to your prays and created the ultimate trendy wedge sneakers. Fashionable comfortable sneakers, that are hitting the streets. Perfect to tuck into jeans, and to pair with cute skater skirts, its the ultimate casual look, with an adding boost of chic lift and individual style.


(Beyonce Knowles, Kate Bonsworth, Dakota Fanning, Miranda Kerr)

A fresh urban look that looks classy at the same time, I simple believe that they are the ultimate shoe essential, for anyones wardrobe. From the runways of Isabel Marant to american brand Ash Trainers, there's a variety of different style for you to get hold of.-

Skarman's Choice: 

I loved this trend so much, that i invested in a pair of Grey suede trainers by ASH. I am Loving them, comfort of a classic sneaker and height of your favourite stiletto. 

(Ash Cool suede strapped wedged trainers)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chanel Cruise Collection 2012/13

Chanel - Cruise Collection 2012-2013 

Karl Lagerfeld Strikes again!

Mr Karl Lagerfeld present the phenomenal Cruise collection, in the beautiful Parisian backdrop of Chateau de Versailles. The models strutted around the beautiful Palace gardens in Chanel's newest creations, many fashion celebrities joined the front rows of the catwalk show. 

Karl Lagerfeld brought a brand new themes to the ever iconic Chanel chic, keeping some signature Chanel looks and adding a new, fun and edgy contemporary spin on the collection. 

Karl said that "It’s serious revolt. It’s not at all 18th century. It’s very rock. You can hardly recognize the girls." He has transformed the looks of the models, replacing their locks, with sharp and short bangs wigs, with an added rebellious touch of colour from purple to strong black. 

From dark shades, to lights pastels, denim and embellished details, Karl Lagerfeld was truly inspired by the rock 'n' roll edge, but still was able to keep the looks flowing with femininity and class. Loving the balance of structure on the top of the outfits, and more of a care-free feel to the bottom half, from loose pants and full long shirts. 
The accessories included double 'C' beauty spots, that were featured below each right eye coherent to every model, which marked the brand very gracefully. 

Lagerfeld closed the show with his signature look frock coat and dark shades. Once again Chanel delivered absolute iconic sophistication in every look.- 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Met Ball 2012 Fashion Breakdown

Met Ball 2012
The fashion low-down:

The biggest and brightest night, where fashion and arts come together in celebrate the glamorous industry, in the heart of New York City. Celebrity royalty arrive dressed in their best from the music, fashion, film and art industry, the creative world is joined together for one magical night. The ladies dress to impress in the best attire, working the red carpet... its one night where everyone is evaluating what and who you are wearing. 

From metallic gowns, to feathered details and slick tailored suit, the Met Ball shapes its own trends. 

Beyonce Knowles:
 In Haute Couture Givenchy
Embellished gown with feather trail 

Scarlett Johansson:
In Dolce& Gabbana

Editor-in-Chief of Vogue USA Anna Wintour:
In Custom made Prada 

 Eva Mendes:
In strapless Prada

 Gisele Bundchen:
In Givenchy

 Jessica Alba:
In Metallic Michael Kors

In Tom Ford 

 Roise Huntington-Whiteley:
In metallic Burberry  
Sarah Jessica Parker:
In Couture Valentino 
 Gwyneth Paltrow:
In Prada

Renee Zellweger:
In custom made Emilo Pucci
Chanel Iman attended the evening with Tom Ford:
In Tom Ford

My Top favourites of the evening!-

Monday, 7 May 2012

Pura Vida Bracelets

Made in Costa Rica

The ultimate celebrations of culture and a country, with its vibrant colours and unique designs, there thread bracelets are perfect for summer gateways and beach parties. 

The great business adventure that started with the strong bond of two friends, who planned to celebrate their graduation by hitting the exotic beaches of Panama and Costa Rica for 5 weeks, where their beautiful surroundings and simplistic culture and lifestyle inspired their stylish earthy bracelets. 

They witness a local man weaving a colourful bracelet by hand, in such a simple yet affective way. This ordinary bracelet transformed into an American beach style, now selling in many surf shops, university stores and boutiques, it purely reflects the bright and regular culture of the easy going beach bound Costa Rica. 

I am a big fan of thread bracelets and the major characteristics they individual hold, seeing these Pura Vida Bracelets, whisks me away to cool wave winds of the ocean and the gold sands of paradise. 
Pura Vida bracelets are crafted by the local people in Costa Rica, to present the essences of the rural area and its people, from careful selected beads to colours. The bracelets offer a new attitude to life, when you realize the amount of effort and dedication that is put into every weave of colourful thread. 

'PURA VIDA' means 'PURE LIFE' in spanish!-