Thursday, 19 December 2013

Battle of the Lip Balms

Battle of the Lip Balms:

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If there's anything that anyone can know about me, it is my true obsession over lip care. I constantly have the urge to find out new products, buy funky packed products and I am a total sucker for organic anything. In the bottom of any handbag you will always find at least two variations of Lip care products (a spare just incase I am not in the mood for a particular one). If for some horrific occasion I leave my house without any lip care, you can definitely find me running to the nearest beauty store, to replenish my lip balm addiction. 

With the winter season fully in action, Lip care is more than a must for everyone. That's why I decided to share my thoughts and suggestions for my top 5 lip care products in the market. I am no beauty expert, but as a devoted user of lip care products, since I can remember... there's no harm in a little human to human recommendation. 

Top 5: 

- EOS Bluberry Acia
- Burts Bees with Pomegranate oil 
-Yu-Be moisturising cream
- Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream 
- Christian Dior Rose 

-EOS is properly the newest to my collection, after seeing the craze hit the USA, I was delighted to get my hands on it in the UK. EOS stands for the Evolution Of Smooth, its is 100% natural. It most definitely leaves your lips smooth and smelling tasty. With its cool design feature, and antioxidants rich its the perfect lip care to gift. (Available in Selfridges / Topshop)

-Burts Bees with Pomergrante oil is probably one of my oldest lip care choices. Its a problem solver to any lip care issues. I constantly finding myself going back to it, as it undeniable works. (Available in most Pharmacy's)  

- The Yu-Be cream was a discovery that I came across while exploring SpaceNK one afternoon. After hearing the diverse uses of the cream from hands, face, feet and lips... I felt that it needed to be in my ultimate collection. It's truly a miracle worker, but not hugely popular yet in the UK. It's one of those multi-purpose use creams. (Available in SpaceNK) 

- Elizabeth Arden's Eight hour cream is a total classic in anyone beauty cupboard. After stealing my sister tube, when I was young its something that has forever stayed in my beauty collection. Its diverse use, and iconic smell helps mend many skin problems. A true investment. (Available at all department stores)

- Christian Dior's lip balm was truly a luxurious treat. Who would want to wear such a magnificent lip care, stylishly packed. Its perfect for using underneath lip sticks and gloss, for an added strength of moistures. With its romantic scent, its hard not to resist. (Available in all good department store) 

Be sure to be Lip care ready for your winter holiday!-

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

House of Waris

House of Waris

The art of craftsmanship:

I have been meaning to blog about this brand for a while now, better late than never. When visiting the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition in London (See blog link here), I came across this portrait of a man wearing a Turban and an easily noticeable iconic Chanel tweed jacket. Being a British Indian, I was fascinated to find out more about this guy, and was disappointed that I have never come across him or his work before.

Waris Ahluwali is an Indian American known for his acting and his career as a designer. After moving to Brooklyn, NYC at the age of five with his family, he has established his name and brand House of Waris to growing industry of fashion. Since his brand success, he has teamed up with a variety of influential fashion brands and icons to collaborate on collections, from scarves to sunglasses.

From statement rings to design influences highlighted from the Sikh religion his fine jewellery has become a very popular name for the Hollywood elite. His method of creativity lies more elements that just style, "I’m a storyteller, before anything else, and I’m an explorer—that’s why we’re here,”.

Known as the man of many talents from his acting career, to his flourish fine jewellery line, impact in the fashion industry and never ending research on his mother land of India, its hard not to be capture into his talented ways. Waris Ahluwali was recently apart of American high-street brand 'Gap's' new advertising campaign, a company thats know to embrace colour to their advertisement campaigns.

My interest and awareness to jewellery has really developed over the last few months, I love discovering new brands, styles and crafts. Designing jewellery is what I call a form of art, there's got to be a depth of story, an element of glamour and a design of prestige. -

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Absence with a story...

Absence with a story: 

These last few months have been fully exploding with excitement, creating the picture perfect memories for my second trip to India. Not having the time to prepare my post for my followers... Has been completely heart breaking and as if a disconnection from the world. 

What can I say about my unforgettable trip to India. Filled with celebrations, endless indulging and of course beautiful Indian fashion. Weddings in India have a whole new dimension and scale of weddings, it only ever get more of a larger affair than initial anticipated. Under the exotic sunshine, anyone and anything can have its nature of elegance. Truly an amazing adventure! 

I'm back now! Just in time for the sparkles of Christmas gifts, trends & shopping. - ★SK

Saturday, 7 September 2013

India's: Peek-A-Boo Trend

India's: Peek-A-Boo Trend


From the Mumbai runways to the Delhi red carpets there's one trend thats truly a scorcher this season...the Peek-a-boo kurti. 

From sheer fabrics, to deep cut backs the traditional kurti gets a daring make-over. As Lakme Fashion Week was in full swing, the top designers bought their new contemporary techniques to a classic kurti top that has moved and evolved from generations to generations. There can definitely be some influences or inspiration taken from the western catwalks, as the mid-drift trends showcases on high-street brand as well as high streets store. India can not afford to miss out on a trend thats grabbing everyones attention.

From long kurti's with peek-a-boo detailing, and Lehenga's with added layering to overall silhouette, the whole mood of the looks have been relaxed. A tone down from rich fabrics, this seasons it sees lighter fabrics and more sheer highlighting. Less embroidery focus and more design suaver.  

The best way to take on this trend is to not overcrowd it with too much else, focus on one area you want to showcase. When working the peek-a-boo trend, keep embroidery minimal and choose striking colours and added textures of fabrics. Be brave and explore it your way!-

Monday, 12 August 2013

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc's next move:

Whats next on the cards for a man who has created a brand with such a high level of ethos. Recognized around the world, its surely hard to deny that most devoted fashion lovers own something Marc Jacobs. From his wide range of fragrances, eyewear, fashion, handbags, books, shoes, watches and children's wear it was only a matter of time before Marc Jacobs put his mark on beauty. 

Hugely successful fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Chanel and Michael Kors have all branched their brands into the beauty world. With worldwide admires, who wouldn't want a Marc Jacobs lipstick, to accompany their Marc Jacobs handbag? 

Last week marked the opening of Marc Jacobs Beauty store in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. Truly making a clear statement to the world about his new range, with a 500 square feet stand alone store. The space was once used to display Marc Jacobs accessories has now converted into a beauty palace, offering customers quality products for their skin. It has been said that Marc is 'extremely passionate' about this new element that has been added to his thriving brand. 

Globally there are around 300 Marc Jacobs stores, the company is set to expand the brand more in the US, with a new flagship store on Fifth Avenue in 2014. The new make-up range is set to launch in Europe, Asia and Middle East during the course of 2014, for now the new NYC Manhattan store steals all the glory as well as selected Sephora stores.

In the recent release of Marc Jacobs beauty there has been rumors that the brand is not done with its growth, there are high possibilities in the future that you could buy Marc Jacobs furniture and fine jewellery. Can not wait for that to happen!-


Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Trip to India

Travel Diary:

The month of July has been a very busy one, so much so that I didn't even have the time to blog. I finally found the time out there in India to capture some of my experience with my travel diary. Trying to travel light, I decided not to take my SLR camera on my journey, instead I wanted to experiment with my iPhone 5 camera, and all the editing apps available. Come and explore...

My Trip to India:

Landing into the exotic air of New Delhi Indira Gandhi airport on Saturday morning, there was a sense of excitement and pure delight to be back home in India. 

That first gush of hot warm air as you enter outside the airport, searching in the crowds of people for the person that has come to receive you... Is the greatest overwhelming impact for a Non resident of India (N.R.I). After coming to India, every year since I can remember that first major impact of India never fades. As we made our way to the car, bearing the wet humid heat, your truly dying for a breath of AC to save you sweat. 

As we make our drive out of the airport parking and on to the streets of Delhi, it's nice to always come back an discover improvements to the surroundings. This journey has been completed over 10 or 15 times that I can remember and yet still, I find it hard to remember the route home. I blame the hectic traffic habits and constant loud beeps from cars driving at you from all sides of the road, for being a distraction. 

Adjusting to India, and it's significant ways always takes a day. Until I've slept, woke up and realized my surroundings do I feel I can adjust to them. Getting home there's nothing more than a warm shower and some amazing food to clear the blur of the overnight plane journey. Once my taste buds are satisfied and body refreshed the first shopping trip commence, with blood shot eyes we waste no time to get back into the swing of Indian fashion happenings. The trip was very much scheduled to a strict timeline of how long we would spend in every state before moving to another, and completing our lists. 

India is such a huge country,with over 28 states and growing cities there's always something new you can discover in India. With the fashion industry on its highest growth at the moment, the world of Indian designers just keeps on developing. The Indian fashion cycle holds many elements of western fashion, with its repetition of old time fashion styles reinventing themselves in the contemporary world. 

After a couple of days of moving around fabulous Delhi, we made our journey to the countryside of state of Punjab. The air feels cleaner, the grass is green and the people are oh so real India. The state of Punjab allows you to enjoy the true sense of Organic food from local farms and home-grown produce, you can always expect the full quality of food. This was the only time in the trip, where relaxation could be enjoyed.

After moving from different towns, time definitely moved fast and was running out. As we made our way back to Delhi for our final dose of the city before our flight home. Tying up loose ends, I was final pleased to be heading home to London, after a swift and enriching two weeks of my beautiful India.-


Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Turban trend

The Turban trend 

Global takeover:

A touch of the eastern fashion with a contemporary modern day feel to the look. The turban trend, is a fashion fad that never seems to die out. Perfect for those summer time looks, from Boho elegances to parisian flair, its a style that can work well with your flat sandals and sky high heels. 

An pure essences of old time glam, many celebrities fall back on this trend embracing a relaxed mood to their looks. Last spring/summer catwalk '12 saw the trend hitting the runways for a return, with Dolce & Gabbana welcoming the scarf wrapped turban look. 

In many Eastern cultures the Turban is an important connection to religion and tradition, but for fashion its the perfect and glamourous way of hiding a bad hair day. Its this summer most essential item, working it in your beach bikini look, to your city street-style. 

I am in love with this trend, for those that can totally pull it off so effortlessly, I salute you. A unique touch of difference to any ordinary outfit, for your casual day attire to your evening gatherings. A trend that I have not been that brave enough to try out, but most certainly up for the fashionable challenge of turbans. - 


Friday, 21 June 2013

Atelier AZZA

Atelier AZZA
By Azeeza Desai Khan

USA Brand with a Fusion:

Atelier AZZA is a US based womenswear fashion label that produces one of a kind cut, hand embroidered, sewn and finished entirely by hand. I came across this brand a few months back, I immediately fell in love with the juicy vibrant colours and amazing detailed embroidery. The embroidery surprised me, somehow I felt there was an Eastern Indian inspiration behind it, I was yet to discover so much more cultural connection behind the brand.

The lady behind the brand, Azeeza Desai Khan recently was nominated for the 2012 'Rising Star in Design' award by the Fashion Group International. So how did her fashion design journey begin?

Azeeza Khan began her fashion education in India, where she trained for 2 years learning the fundamentals of design and intricate embellishment. Born and raised in the US, much of Atelier AZZA's collection shows the culture fuse between Western cuts with Indian influenced embellishments from her heritage. With the launch of the brand with her S/S 2012 collection, international fashion magazines showed their keen interested the newly developed brand.

'Born Fashionista' Vogue India 
'Breakout Emerging Designer' TimeOut Magazine

Established just under one year ago and already featured thrice in Vogue, this developmental phase has brought to light the label's signature aesthetic of billowing frocks, structured blazers and exaggerated scarves juxtaposed against statement embellishments. Currently, the label is underground and available via bespoke custom order to an exclusive clientele base. 

Its beautiful exotic look with a contemporary appeal, its hard not to fall in love with this brand. I love fashion garments that tell a story, and speak different language of style. Atelier AZZA showcases the beautiful heritage of Indian embroidery and embellishment, with classic cuts and silhouettes. 

With the brand being born in the heart of Chicago, there's a beautiful essence of city chic within the designs. Outfits that can be taken from street style day with embellished scarfs and blazers to evening glamour with flowing gowns. With an exclusive boutique located on Michigan Avenue in the buzz of the fashion district of Chicago town. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Clover Canyon - Brand Profile

Brand Profile:

The world of fashion is endless with its new designers, its great expansion and global appreciation... it truly is hard to keep up. I recently discovered the brand Clover Canyon, and was completely blown away with its imaginative and exotic prints. 

(Clover Canyon - Resort 2014)

The LA designed and produced brand, is a true reflection of Californian style. With its unique electric, vivid prints and amazing streamlined silhouettes, its hard not to picture the looks behind the Californian sunshine. 
The brand can describe their "look of Clover Canyon is jubilant."

The Clover Canyon is distinct with its pieces, working collaboratively, and drawing on their shared passion for travel and art, the team based in LA design original prints, and hand-engineer them to frame and enhance the body.  With new technology of prints, meets the old world of craftsmanship, the garments are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in-house.

The fresh spirited vibe to the prints, has an urban yet tribal feel to the garments but with an elegant twist in design style (what a perfect balance).  When first viewing this collection, I felt that the prints hold a story and a journey of some kind. The electrifying prints show different heritage from tribal African prints, to classic ancient, through to modern day geometric prints. Each garment with its own personality, and burst of fashion flare.

An LA based brand that is now appreciated international, and is available to purchase online from The best thing about prints is there ultimate classic styling, they can be adjusted to your day and evening style effortlessly. I am a big fan of prints, I love unique and elegant classics that can be forever reworked into your wardrobe favourites.

Clover Canyon is proudly made in California and will always stick to its origin.-


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Michael Kors Launches Beauty Range

(The print ad campaign) 
Michael Kors 
Launches Beauty Range

The New York based American designer Michael Kors is set to launch his very first make-up line, a selection of bodycare products as well as a new line up of fragrances. Famous for his expertise on classic women's sportswear fashion, Kors is set to tackle a whole new field with his very own cosmetics line. 
(The new fragrances) 

The cosmetics and fragrance collection will be based around 3 main areas of a Michael Kors woman:

Each of these ranges will include a fragrance, key colours of make-up products, sun and body cosmetics will also be available. Still considering the type of women that invests in his clothing, he came up with 3 main categories that he can separately cater for, in the right way. 

"I think those three things - sexy, sporty and glam - have always been the DNA of Michael Kors, and in a strange way, the Michael Kors woman really is all three of those things. It's just that she feels more strongly about one of them at certain given times," express Michael Kors. 

The print and advertising campaign was shot by talented photographer Mario Testino, which helps in capturing the 3 ranges of a Michael Kors woman, that she will experience. The new line up of the beauty range is being produced by the Aramis and Designers Fragrances division of the Estee Lauder Cos Inc. 

Once a brand has fully hit its peak in fashion clothing the only next step, that has been trending for years is the challenge of a beauty collection. Brands such as Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, YSL and Dolce & Gabbana, have all taken the successful route of catering to their consumers with a beauty collection that they can love and adore just as much as the fashion brand. The beauty expansion allows the market to be opened and recognized to a whole new league of women. In the fashion world two things that always make a perfect match, is beauty and fashion.

The new Michael Kors beauty collection will launch in the summer of August 2013, at Macy's department store across the USA. It will also be set to hit flagship stores globally, so UK followers do not fear we will also get our chance to indulge in some Kors beauty!-

"It's wardrobing in the beauty world the way I do in clothing and accessories". - Michael Kors