Sunday, 31 March 2013

Melissa & Karl Lagerfeld Shoe Collaboration

Melissa & Karl Lagerfeld Shoe Collaboration 

Eco-friendly brand meets Couture master:

The environmentally friendly footwear brand Melissa, has already successfully teamed up with the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu, Gareth Pugh, Liberty London, Pedro Laurenco and Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, but believes that Lagerfeld is their most exciting collaboration yet. The Brazilian footwear company, is known to creating the best eco-friendly shoes, sandals and heels, that fashion world has seen.

(Image: Model Cara Delevingne in Melissa & Karl Lagerfeld ad campaign for collection)

The brand has been established for 25 years and works on producing recycled plastics into stylish footwear, with a 'zero waste ethos' by recycling 99.9 per cent of factory water and waste as well overstocked shoes. For luxury fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld this is his first time teaming up with Melissa and also his first time designing shoes that will be made out of plastic. Lagerfeld and his fashion houses of  Chanel and Italian brand Fendi are the crème de la crème of luxury fashion, meaning he only uses the finest fabrics in creating his collections.

(Image: Model Cara Delevingne in Melissa & Karl Lagerfeld ad campaign for collection)

Karl Lagerfeld said that he took his inspiration for the designs of the collection, from the brands native country of Brazil, celebrating the 'joie de vivre' the joy of living. He is set to designs four seasons, for Melissa with his very first capsule collection unveiled this March 2013. The model of the moment Cara Delevingne, has been casted as the face of this brands new collection, the british model who is current at the very peak of her career. Karl has commented on his choice of  20 year old Cara to be the face of the new collection because of the 'whole attitude of her body and her freedom and her wildness I think there is no girl better than for this kind of photos than Cara."

(Image: Model Cara Delevingne in Melissa & Karl Lagerfeld ad campaign for collection)

Cara who is currently the face of British brand Burberry, is featured in the ad campaign displaying a sexy dominatrix in the fetish inspired photography's. Shot by the man himself Lagerfeld, he capture Cara adorning the collection behind brightly coloured backgrounds, for the Brazilian labels own magazine 'Plastic Dreams'. "Lagerfeld’s great talent, synonymous with couture, will be translated into a shoe line, expanding our consumer base and making his brand more accessible for all” Paulo Pedó, Marketing Director of Melissa.

(Image: Karl Lagerfeld & Cara Delevingne at the Opening party in NYC)

This collection would help in encouraging eco-friendly products into the main fashion sphere. Karl Largerfeld comments that 'plastic' is the modern day fabric for fashion. Melissa's footwear offers the best of design, created in the worlds most environmentally friendly way opening a whole new scope of people to be aware of what they are buying and how it could be affecting our world. I love the designs they are quirky with attitude, from their brightly coloured tones and juicy texture to the unique ice cream coned heels. Anything Lagerfeld touches truly becomes an international phenomenon.-

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Gladiator shoes - TREND ALERT

Gladiator Shoes

The Power of the Gladiator: Trend Alert

Challenge your classic footwear this season, be ready to take risks to a whole new length of fashion authority. This S/S'13 be prepared to welcome the female Empress inside of you, with the Gladiator trend back and ready to strike. 
(Image: Tom Ford)

The catwalks most extravagant accessory this season is footwear. With its dramatic lengths of luxurious leather, detailed buckles, straps and wraps that are embracing the calfs. The higher the extent of the flat show or heel, the more drama and stand-out appeal. Designers from Gucci and Roberto Cavalli choose to include the Gladiator trend, in ankle length heels that feature extreme detail of buckles. If you not fashion brave to try the knee high Gladiator look, then the ankle length heels are a perfect way of meeting the trend half way.

(Image: Gucci & Roberto Cavalli)

Wrapped leather and peek-a-boo cut out detailing, heeled or flat gearing up for world domination, they are an adventurous take on any other shoes or sandals that you have lying around in your wardrobes. The seriously bold fashion statement is rearing for attention, be sure not to add too much into your look when rocking these... let knee high heel do all the talking, in your look.-

(Image: Versace & Alexander Wang)

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Sophie Webster

Sophie Webster

Emerging new talent:

When I first came across Sophie Webster's shoes designs at the end of 2012, there was only one delicious word that came to my mind...Candy. Bright, bold and beautiful, bursting with sweetness with their electric colours and fantasy fairy-tale like finishing. I just loved them, nothing like the world had every seen before, a whole new breadth of footwear, thats fun, quirky and yet flawlessly elegant.

Sophie Webster is exploding out on to the fashion scene, with her impeccable footwear designs after being mentored by Nicolas Kirkwood, she is now breaking out to create her own brand. Being spotted by Nicholas Kirkwood and his business partner, while attending Royal College of Art and winning two separate competitions that Kirkwood had judged. Webster soon went on to becoming Kirkwoods design assistant, a remarkable opportunity for a newcomer. Following her experience under Nicolas Kirkwood's wing, Sophie Webster made sure that her experience allowed her to absorb as much direction and knowledge as she could possible could obtain from footwear guru himself and his team. 

Nicholas Kirkwood describes her as "She has a unique way of looking at things. There is a maturity and complexity in her designs, but they are still youthful."

With the help of Kirkwood and his business partner Christopher Suarez, Sophie Webster was able to launch her pre-spring'13 collection of her made-in-brazil label, this had retailers eager to learn more. With a great platform of launch for her brand, Webster has been picked up by renowned international retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Net-a-Porter, Browns London and Colette in Paris. Her accessories collection which includes, high heels, flat shoes, clutches and mini handbags, is priced between £150-£450. 

The overwhelming response of retailers was definitely a dream come true for Sophie Webster, who truly feels thankful for her successful break into the fashion world. "I'm really pleased and so flattered that this level of retailers and buyers are supportive and they got it," she said of her collection, though the level of success is still unreal. "It's going really fast, but I'm enjoying every minute." Being new to the world of fashion, and only 2 collection established, she still believes she has a lot still to prove and offer the retailers that believed in her and consumers that took a risk in wearing her shoes. 
I truly think her collection is irresistible, as with many other brands you can be satisfied with just one shoe from each brand, but with Sophie Webster the choice is endless and totally tempting. Each of her designs holds a new element of excitement. I believe that shoes are a major factor to anyones outfit, be it casual or glamour, they can enhance your style attitude to its highest peak of luxury.
Every women undeniable has a fetish for shoes, and there is simple no cure for it then satisfying your craving. Be sure to watch out and indulge into a pair of Sophie Webster heels.-

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Givenchy creates for Rihanna's Tour

Givenchy creates for Rihanna's Tour

Custom-made just for RhiRhi:

Roc Nations Rihanna has kicked off her world tour, this month... And let's just say she has kicked it off in absolute style. Riccardo Tisci has created bespoke Givenchy couture outfits exclusively for Rihnna's Diamonds tour. The outfits are worn at the beginning of her concert production, it consists of a dark and romantic feel, with a floor-length ruffle silk-crepe cape and black nappa thigh high boots, which Rihanna is known to be a fan of. Other pieces include an embroidered parka in stand-out Givenchy style printing, a white leather bra and silk satin shorts.

The collaboration between musical artists and fashion brands, is forever growing stronger. It has become a trend of its own, for elite designers to design exclusive custom-made attire for music artists. Performers like Rita Ora, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, have all been lucky enough to have designer costumes for the concert performances, made by the finest in fashion.

With the tour already in full swing, this saw Rihanna debuting the looks first time on stage. The inspiration behind the costumes was definitely taken from Givenchy's menswear a/w '13 collection, with its elements of 'strong sensual iconography'. Givenchy the brand and Rihanna are big fans of heavy sportswear and street-wear style, this mutual obsession worked perfectly for Tisci to understand the aura of Rihanna. 

 "Rihanna represents what young and amazing means today. She is punk and talented. She offers intelligence, energy and pure beauty." Tisci

This is not the first time that Riccardo Tisci has costom-made something for Rihanna. At the end of last month following the Barbadian born singers birthday, Tisci designed and sent a custom made t-shirt graphic t-shirt that featured Rihanna's face on it. Givenchy is well-know for popularizing the t-shirt trend, with amazing graphic patterns, prints and images. Tisci truly has a soft spot for the Rude Boy singer. (T-shirt below)

Rihanna is at the peak of her career, with her recently new album, her fashion collaboration with River Island and now the start of a new tour... she is most definitely taking over the world.

"Rihanna has what every girl inspires to have," added Tisci. "She is the face of her generation."-

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mid-Drift Trend for Summer 2013

(Images: Balenciaga & Marc Jacobs)
Mid-Drift Trend for Summer '13

Get ready to show some skin:

This spring/summer 2013 be prepared to bare some skin, as the mid-drift trend makes a return from the past. The 70's and 80's saw this trend first come into play, when women were exhibiting their rebellious side, and pop-star diva's like Madonna were making their mark. Nowadays it is a trend and a style that is not that ludicrous, as it was in the past but instead a whole breathe of effortlessly cool style.
(Images: Alexander Wang, House of Holland, Chloe) 
This Spring/Summer 13 from the catwalk to the streets, the flash of flesh is everywhere. Be brave enough to show you mid-drift, it works well with two pieces sets and contrasts perfectly with sharp tailoring. Along with the cropped tops, the bra is also back. From sheer fabrics, to oversized blazers it is ideal for adding a touch of femininity to any style.
(Images: Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna & Miley Cyrus)
I love this trend as its undoubtedly easy for casual day looks, to sultry elegant and alluring for evening glamour. Your able to embrace different style looks from urban street to red-carpet dazzle. Work the trend in electric prints, to detail cuttings and shapes its is a trend that will continue to pave its way in and out of fashion desire, and will always make a come back.
(Images: Antonio Berardi, Jonathan Saunders, Balmain)

SKarman's Style tip:

  • Flesh Boundaries. If your going to flash your mid-drift be sure to get the balance right, too much skin is not trendy, unless your beach bound. A mini-skirt is not going to balance up well, instead go for a knee length skirt, baggy jeans, patterned pants, shorts or maxi skirts. 
  • Minimalist. Be sure not to over-crowed yourself with too many accessories, a clean silhouette works wonders with finishing this whole look off. 
  • Colour Block. Do not fear colour, experiment with different tones and shades for the perfect colour block. A popping coloured bra under a sheer black or white shirt, is flawless for working the trend. 

(Images: Fredia Pinto, Selena Gomez, Nicole Scherzinger & Jennifer Lopez)

Take the challenge and show-off your Mid-drift this Spring/Summer 2013.-

Monday, 4 March 2013

Anja Rubik for Giuseppe Zanotti

Anja Rubik for Giuseppe Zanotti

Model turns designer:

International Polish model Anja Rubik has walked the runways of Victoria Secret and feature in endless Vogue spreads worldwide. The 29 year old model, takes a new turn in fashion, away from the runways as she designs a capsule of footwear and accessories for Italian shoe master Giuseppe Zanotti.

Anja Rubik's collection of five styles are inspired by the models musical heros, Debbie Harry and David Bowie,  the collection has launched in store and online this March. Being a big fan of that era of music, she describes the footwear style as 'a bit glam-punk'. 

The blonde haired bombshell expresses,"I love that period in music. I'm a huge Bowie fan. People have said I look like him, which is honestly the biggest compliment. I think it's the high cheekbones. His style was so bold and brave and his music so honest. The whole collection is very personal to me, there is a real story behind it."

After meeting Giuseppe Zanotti when Anja was 16 years , she has since featured in numerous ad campaigns for the Italian brand, and also developed a strong friendship. The idea was born the two were lunching, one day in Italy. Anja Rubik has always offered her advice to Giuseppe Zanotti and his range of work, she suggested he should try something with a little more edge in the style of punk. He willing offered her the opportunity of designing that line for him. 

Anja travlled to Zanotti's Italian factory in Italy making sure she was fully involved in the whole process from start to finish. The cultural difference was a big leap from her hometown of New York City. Adjusting to the laid back style of how Italian's worked, is something that Anja Rubik admires, 'There was a lot of wine and food. It was how life should be - the perfect balance of work and play.'

After full enjoying her experience with Giuseppe Zanotti, Anja Rubik is positive that this is not the last of her designing streak. The collection is sharp with a lot of attitude and roughness squeezed into a pair of killer heels. The blue-eyed beauty also featured in the advertising campaign, executing her endless talents of fearless modeling, Giuseppe Zanotti also accompanied in the shoot.-

Click now to go behind the scenes of Anja Rubik shooting her ad campaign for her collection with Giuseppe Zanotti: 

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Worlds Most Expensive iPhone 5 Cover

Worlds Most Expensive iPhone 5 cover

Gadgets & fashion:

When it comes to gadgets I really do have an obsession with them. Technology has always fascinated me, with its development I believe that we are definitely a generation that is lucky enough to experience such a wide range of devices. Nowadays, Technology plays a great part in fashion, in this modern day world we use these clever devices to share our favoruite trends, stalk stylish bloggers and just to capture endless memories. 

When two of my favourite passion come together, you know that your experiencing the futurist world of 2013. It was only a matter of time, before someone was to release the world most expensive and exclusive iPhone cover... and finally it has arrived. British brand Uunique London has taken mobile phone accessories to a whole new level of Luxury, after unveiling the worlds most expensive iPhone 5 cover. 

Valued at £189,000, the Lotus phone case by Uunique is made from 18 carat rose gold and encrusted with a multitude of rare pink and white diamonds. Highlighted with an intricate mother of pearl inlay, Uunique London's newest case was inspired by the Exotic Water Lotus. The Exotic Water Lotus symbolizing strength, progress, purity and prosperity. 

The unique case is accompanied with a bespoke leather clutch purse, that oozes elegance with its beautifully designed Croc and Ostrich skin leather lining. Uunique London offers a wide range of reasonable gadget cases for iPhones, Samsung, HTC devices and iPads. -

Uunique London Swarovski range is available at Harrods London.

Click to watch the Uunique London Lotus case cover being created it all is glamour: (Below)

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