Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Michael Kors Launches Beauty Range

(The print ad campaign) 
Michael Kors 
Launches Beauty Range

The New York based American designer Michael Kors is set to launch his very first make-up line, a selection of bodycare products as well as a new line up of fragrances. Famous for his expertise on classic women's sportswear fashion, Kors is set to tackle a whole new field with his very own cosmetics line. 
(The new fragrances) 

The cosmetics and fragrance collection will be based around 3 main areas of a Michael Kors woman:

Each of these ranges will include a fragrance, key colours of make-up products, sun and body cosmetics will also be available. Still considering the type of women that invests in his clothing, he came up with 3 main categories that he can separately cater for, in the right way. 

"I think those three things - sexy, sporty and glam - have always been the DNA of Michael Kors, and in a strange way, the Michael Kors woman really is all three of those things. It's just that she feels more strongly about one of them at certain given times," express Michael Kors. 

The print and advertising campaign was shot by talented photographer Mario Testino, which helps in capturing the 3 ranges of a Michael Kors woman, that she will experience. The new line up of the beauty range is being produced by the Aramis and Designers Fragrances division of the Estee Lauder Cos Inc. 

Once a brand has fully hit its peak in fashion clothing the only next step, that has been trending for years is the challenge of a beauty collection. Brands such as Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, YSL and Dolce & Gabbana, have all taken the successful route of catering to their consumers with a beauty collection that they can love and adore just as much as the fashion brand. The beauty expansion allows the market to be opened and recognized to a whole new league of women. In the fashion world two things that always make a perfect match, is beauty and fashion.

The new Michael Kors beauty collection will launch in the summer of August 2013, at Macy's department store across the USA. It will also be set to hit flagship stores globally, so UK followers do not fear we will also get our chance to indulge in some Kors beauty!-

"It's wardrobing in the beauty world the way I do in clothing and accessories". - Michael Kors


Friday, 17 May 2013

Indian Stars hit Cannes

Indian Stars hit Cannes:

Best of Bollywood take on Cannes

As the film festival in Cannes has kicked off, India's finest Bollywood actors and actress are present and doing a fabulous job of representing Indian Cinema and all its glory. Vidya Balan, Sonam Kapoor, Freida Pinto and Amitabh Bachchan having been hitting the red carpet in Cannes bringing their top fashion a-game.

Classic Indian beauty Vidya Balan, is joining the film fanatics in Cannes as apart of the Jury members team. She has been seen embracing heritage Indian style in multiple masterpieces by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Her first look featured a red Mangalgiri anarkali by Sabyasachi and jewellery by Amrapali Jewels. Many of the western international stars, have commented on her cultural couture. 

Brand ambassadors of beauty brand L'Oreal, Freida Pinto and Sonam Kapoor will also walk the red carpet in Cannes this year. Showcases the best of their fashion style from traditional to western show-stopping gowns. 

Sonam Kapoor creates fashion drama in her outfit choices from Anamika Khanna Sari and jacket for the opening ceremony to a Dolce & Gabbana strapless bodice and voluminous skirt paired with a Sunita Kapoor neckpiece. I simply think that Sonam Kapoor is making all the right fashion choices, with her modern twists on Indian classic styles to her dramatic catwalk head-turners. 

Striking actress Mallika Sherawat wore a golden beaded Emilio Pucci, the star is no stranger to the Cannes red carpet. This year she failed to present any sparkle in her outfit, I felt she lacked style and did not challenge her fashion boundaries. It was ordinary and no show-stopper. 

Slumdog Millionaire break through superstar Freida Pinto stuck to the western style of fashion, for the start of her Cannes trip. The ambassador of L'Oreal beauty brand, she worked her natural beauty and classic cinematic style to great excellence. Wearing haltered Gucci and also Mumbai based designer Sanchita golden gown. 

Its is so wonderful seeing the two worlds combine, form the western to the eastern. With the major appreciation of Indian actress, artists, and designers, events like this can always promise a spectacular cocktail of international designers and fashion style.- 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ear Cuff Candy

Ear Cuff Candy

Glamour for your ears:

This seasons most wanted and need accessory is the Ear cuff. Since the catwalk struts of Spring/Summer 2013, there has been a clear sign of a hot trend forming. The perfectly new and improved upgrade from your normal earrings. The Ear cuff, is a whole lot of added drama with a hint of glamour, with its fine detail and intricate swirl around the ear shape.

Its the perfect trend for those that have still yet to face the ear piercing gun. The ear cuff was definitely something that everyone saw coming, and waiting for the new reinvention of the classic earring design. Stylish and chic, its adds that perfect dose of high-fashion styling. From coloured stones, to metals the designs are endless... you will be sure to find the right Ear cuff for your look.


Best worn with a messy, and loose sleek up-do, allowing the impact of the jewellery to take all the attention. Keep other accessories to a minimal around your face, that means no necklaces needed.


 I love this trend. Its individual and unusual which is always a good trait to find in any trend. The high street stores are packed with great ear cuffs, for any occasion and taste. I have fallen in love with this Repossi 18-karat rose gold ear cuff. With no added stones or detail but a simple caged design, I find it oozing classic glamour... perfect for casual day looks and evening elegance.-

(Repossi Ear Cuff, Available from Net-A-Porter, £3,477)

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

LYA LYA - Exclusive Interview



LYA LYA is an UAE based brand, born in 2012 by creative director and designer Layla Shugri. With no design background, designer Layla Shugri used her exotic and mixed background to create a brand with bold personality and classic silhouettes. Her debut collection features fearless geometrical shapes, which enhance the unique design aesthetics of LYA LYA. Only recently established the unique handbag designs already stand out from the crowd as a LYA LYA creation, with its striking and power hardware detail.

(The Vault by LYA LYA)

 LYA LYA is a brand that is well recongised by many middle eastern publications and the woman of the Gulf, receiving 'Best Young Talent' by the Arab woman Awards organized by prestigious international publication, L'Officiel Middle East. Being an admirer of LYA LYA for a while, I am excited to share with you my exclusive interview with the designer herself Layla Shugri.
(Knight Rider by LYA LYA)

A big fan of LYA LYA handbags myself, I wanted to introduce something new to my readers, and maybe offer a new insight into those that already know of the brand.


-How did the journey of LYA LYA begin? 

It all started with an idea, a passion and a determination to follow my 

-Where do you get your inspiration from, for your 
handbag/clutches collection?  

I have always been drawn to elegance with an edge. I am self-taught and continuously inspired by architecture, geometrical shapes, bold silhouettes and unusual structures that is apparent in every piece of my debut collection, I decided to choose bags as I believe it is the most intimate and coveted accessory a woman owns.  

-How has your Middles Eastern culture or style influenced your 

I am half Lebanese and half Russian and been travelling around the world 
for most of my life so my taste gets affected by various cultures and I tend 
to design to the woman I aspire to be and that doesn’t necessarily belong 
to one specific culture.

-Who would be your dream client and why? 

Rihanna, I love her and the way she keeps on reinventing herself and 
testing new boundaries and she definitely doesn’t follow any trends but 
creates them. 

-What was you latest fashion purchase and by who? 

Yellow Neon Casadei blade pumps, as I am again addicted this season to 

-What essential items, are always inside your LYA LYA handbag, 
that your day cannot survive without?   

My Shades, lip gloss, hair clip and a blusher are the items that I never 
leave the house without. 

-What essential items, are always inside your LYA LYA handbag, 
that your day cannot survive without?   

My Shades, lip gloss, hair clip and a blusher are the items that I never 
leave the house without.

-What does fashion mean to LYA LYA? 

Fashion is a way of expressing and presenting one selves to the world.
-How would you describe your own fashion style, and who is your 
fashion icon?

Simplistic, elegant and edgy would be the 3 key adjectives, I truly believe that you don't have to scream to stand out, and I see true beauty in simplistic elements that have a small twist or detail to let you gracefully stand out in the crowd and be remembered, I do refer to current fashion and trends too, not to follow it and stay true to my own fashion aesthetic and style. 

-What is the most memorable peak of your career so far? 

2012 was the year that LYA LYA was bought to life, a year that was filled with exciting news, milestones and challenges. The debut collection is the first collection that defines and represents the brand's fashion aesthetic and its direction, and after working on it for a full year I was very excited but at the same time anxious to launch it and the reaction that I got throughout the region was incredible, from the feedback of the clientele to me wining the young talent award in the region was very humbling and rewarding journey.

-What advise would you offer to aspiring designers?

To try their best while designing not to refer to any other brands and existing shapes, but to come up with their own unique shapes and to take risks. In order to succeed we must try to be irreplaceable and the sky will be our limit.
Many thanks to the Layla Shugri, creative director and designer of LYA LYA, for taking part in this interview, I am very honored to feature you on my blog.

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