Monday, 2 February 2015

blk. water

blk. Water

After coming across the water brand on Instagram, I was curious to know and learn more about it. Fortunately there's a really awesome organic store, near where I live they usual stock great international products and I was able to pick up a bottle from there. From the packaging of the water it clearly stands out and grabs your attention, the black liquid and white text truly pops out from other water bottles in a fridge. The black liquid made me a little reluctant to try it, so I can be honest when saying I kept it in my fridge for about a week after purchasing it. 

What is Blk.water?
blk.(bee • el • kay) 
Blk water is premium fulvic enhanced, all natural mineral water. Blk is made without sugar, carbs or calories, and is completely hydrating. 

Why is it black?
This is the outcome of the reaction when fulvic trace minerals are added to pure water. Fulvic is a type of humid acid that is lower in molecular weight, but higher in oxygen. 

Upon opening the bottle you immediately think that there is going to be some sort of strong scent, however, there is no scent from the bottle, like water it has no aroma. When sipping it, it truly does just taste exactly like mineral water, even though your mind wants to make you believe that there is some difference due to the black liquid. If there was a blind tasting test with normal water and Blk. water, I am certain that I would say both glasses tasted the same. 

What are the benefits of Fulvic minerals in blk. water?
Fulvic acid has proven to be a powerful organic electrolyte, serving to balance cell life. There are numerous of health benefits and these are some of them:

- Enhanced Nutrients = Enhances the availability of nutrients and makes them more readily absorbable. 
- Transport of Nutrients = Helps in dissolving and transport of important minerals and vitamins in your body. 
- Stimulates Metabolism = Encourages faster metabolism and energizes the immune system. 

Benefits of drinking blk.water?
So what are the advantages of drinking this black liquid:

- Hydration : contains high pH levels, which helps the body to neutralize acids and stay balanced.
- 0 Calories : it contains no sugar, no carbs, no calories.
- Refreshed : contains electrolytes which help to keep you refreshed and hydrated

As science continues to surprise us in the most unexpected way it was only evident that in time, someone would take normal mineral water and develop in a way that we thought could not be possible. But is there any need to develop the one natural beverage that we all need to intake in order to lead a healthy life, some would argue no. I think that the science behind blk.water is impressive, I believe its a drink that we can all enjoy occasionally but nothing beats or can replace the great taste of normal water.

I feel this product is marketed as a hip product, for a niche audience to grab on to. With health becoming more of a craze rather than a lifestyle choice, this is the perfect example where a company has seen the opportunity to funk up a human necessity making it more desirable, by its use of fancy word references and colour. I would totally recommend everyone to try, and I will also suggest that you should never give up drinking normal water. ★ 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

S*uce on Sea - Dubai

My Dubai Trip - S*uce on Sea

During the end of December I was lucky enough to escape London's bitter winter and experience Dubai's stunning winter weather. Flying out just after the Christmas celebrations, and while sick with a chest infection meant all the better reason for a holiday.

Arriving to Dubai feels like home away from home, travelling to UAE since I was younger on family vacations means that I have my regular shopping and eating spots that I must visit when out there. Even with my list of favourite destinations to visit, there's always a whole new list of places that I have yet to discovered...S*uce being on top of my list!

After an afternoon of strolling around the beach shops of JBR area, unplanningly I seem to find myself discovering S*uce's second shop 'S*uce on Sea'. Of course the fashion gods were paying attention to my desires and lead me to pure shopping heaven. 

S*uce on Sea is an adorable store located off a corner of the shopping area, holding a Californian style beach feel to the shop. With wood decking and bursts of colour popping off from the rails and shelves you eyes seem to dot madly around the store when first entering. The same kind of sensation we get when we see an outstanding sale rail of designer shoes, and your eyes do a full speed scan of the designer brands laying in front of you at discount prices, that same heart pumping moment I felt at S*uce on Sea.    

It somewhat feels like a beach party has just ended with big umbrellas, paper Hawaiian flowers floating around the store, total bring the beach elements from outside, inside the store. S*uce is a store that stocks a host of international and Dubai based brands, from beachwear, accessories and fine jewellery! With the craze of social media, it's much easier to discover new brands with international bloggers truly paving the way for their worldwide acknowledgement. I have a couple of Dubai and Middle Eastern brands that I follow and love for their modern take on classic Arabian culture. As many may know during my travels, I enjoy collecting jewellery and particular bracelets as souvenirs. It makes a piece that you wear everyday that much more special, it has a story and memories attached to it. 

Bil Arabi is a unique Dubai established brand that uses traditional arabic letters and text in fine jewelry, which is also stocked at S*uce on Sea. Designer Nadine Kanso wanted her line to reflect both a personal message as well as a strong cultural one. Her collection consists of high value and low value pieces which all use 18-ct gold with precious and semi precious stones. Glamorous designs in array of necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets. 

When in Dubai next I suggest that you all visit a S*uce store, and entice yourself into the local fashion designers. It wonderful to enjoy the local established talent, you get a sense of the type of fashion culture that the city offers. ★

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Vibe, New Year !

New Vibe... New Year!

It's quite crazy how fast one year can come and go, we tend to only realize this when the year has already been completed. 

Thats why this year we need to set a whole new vibe to our days and weeks of 2015. 

We need to make sure that we make it memorable, and not allow the months to escape us without any memories. 

A brand new year awaits us, giving our soul a sense of lightness and chance. 

Whatever has happened in the past, remember, rebuild and relive bigger and better. 

This year have no fear, have the strength to follow through on all that you wish to achieve, travel more to keep your imagination alive and always express your inner emotions.

A brand new year, 12 unwritten months, 52 weeks of adventures and 365 days of memories to be created.

Waste no moments, take hold of all opportunities and live to experience a new chapter of your life!-

Happy 2015!

- SKarman's Passion -

Photo Info: Taken in the Dubai Desert - December 2014 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

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Hello to my fashion followers.

I know that it has been a long while since my last post, after a hectic couple of months juggling reality... I am finally back and ready to feed you all my fashion stories. It's hard to leave what you love doing for too long, I can promise you I am working on some new and exciting this for SKarman's Passion. 

What better day to start than the 1st of April, when British summer is officially open to sunshine! 

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Battle of the Lip Balms

Battle of the Lip Balms:

-Beauty Blog-

If there's anything that anyone can know about me, it is my true obsession over lip care. I constantly have the urge to find out new products, buy funky packed products and I am a total sucker for organic anything. In the bottom of any handbag you will always find at least two variations of Lip care products (a spare just incase I am not in the mood for a particular one). If for some horrific occasion I leave my house without any lip care, you can definitely find me running to the nearest beauty store, to replenish my lip balm addiction. 

With the winter season fully in action, Lip care is more than a must for everyone. That's why I decided to share my thoughts and suggestions for my top 5 lip care products in the market. I am no beauty expert, but as a devoted user of lip care products, since I can remember... there's no harm in a little human to human recommendation. 

Top 5: 

- EOS Bluberry Acia
- Burts Bees with Pomegranate oil 
-Yu-Be moisturising cream
- Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream 
- Christian Dior Rose 

-EOS is properly the newest to my collection, after seeing the craze hit the USA, I was delighted to get my hands on it in the UK. EOS stands for the Evolution Of Smooth, its is 100% natural. It most definitely leaves your lips smooth and smelling tasty. With its cool design feature, and antioxidants rich its the perfect lip care to gift. (Available in Selfridges / Topshop)

-Burts Bees with Pomergrante oil is probably one of my oldest lip care choices. Its a problem solver to any lip care issues. I constantly finding myself going back to it, as it undeniable works. (Available in most Pharmacy's)  

- The Yu-Be cream was a discovery that I came across while exploring SpaceNK one afternoon. After hearing the diverse uses of the cream from hands, face, feet and lips... I felt that it needed to be in my ultimate collection. It's truly a miracle worker, but not hugely popular yet in the UK. It's one of those multi-purpose use creams. (Available in SpaceNK) 

- Elizabeth Arden's Eight hour cream is a total classic in anyone beauty cupboard. After stealing my sister tube, when I was young its something that has forever stayed in my beauty collection. Its diverse use, and iconic smell helps mend many skin problems. A true investment. (Available at all department stores)

- Christian Dior's lip balm was truly a luxurious treat. Who would want to wear such a magnificent lip care, stylishly packed. Its perfect for using underneath lip sticks and gloss, for an added strength of moistures. With its romantic scent, its hard not to resist. (Available in all good department store) 

Be sure to be Lip care ready for your winter holiday!-

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

House of Waris

House of Waris

The art of craftsmanship:

I have been meaning to blog about this brand for a while now, better late than never. When visiting the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition in London (See blog link here), I came across this portrait of a man wearing a Turban and an easily noticeable iconic Chanel tweed jacket. Being a British Indian, I was fascinated to find out more about this guy, and was disappointed that I have never come across him or his work before.

Waris Ahluwali is an Indian American known for his acting and his career as a designer. After moving to Brooklyn, NYC at the age of five with his family, he has established his name and brand House of Waris to growing industry of fashion. Since his brand success, he has teamed up with a variety of influential fashion brands and icons to collaborate on collections, from scarves to sunglasses.

From statement rings to design influences highlighted from the Sikh religion his fine jewellery has become a very popular name for the Hollywood elite. His method of creativity lies more elements that just style, "I’m a storyteller, before anything else, and I’m an explorer—that’s why we’re here,”.

Known as the man of many talents from his acting career, to his flourish fine jewellery line, impact in the fashion industry and never ending research on his mother land of India, its hard not to be capture into his talented ways. Waris Ahluwali was recently apart of American high-street brand 'Gap's' new advertising campaign, a company thats know to embrace colour to their advertisement campaigns.

My interest and awareness to jewellery has really developed over the last few months, I love discovering new brands, styles and crafts. Designing jewellery is what I call a form of art, there's got to be a depth of story, an element of glamour and a design of prestige. -

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