Friday, 30 July 2010


What is this fuss about all these Cupcakes? What’s the secret behind them turning into the most talked about, baked treat? Are they really the perfect dessert? The answer maybe in their individual sized delicacy, making them a small enough treat to eat by yourself and a big enough indulgence to satisfy a sweet craving.

Is it their decoration? Recently, the Cupcake world is transforming their traditional classic look and experimenting with more different tastes and designs. With its versatile appeal, suitable for a midmorning coffee break, accompanying a girly afternoon tea party or a wedding reception, cupcakes are always more than welcome.

Cupcake's has become the new fashion food trend lately. With its unique and distinctive butter cream icing and unusual flavoring it has become an affordable treat that you don’t have to share. It is a heavenly sweet that is appealing to a wide range of ages, from adults to kids.

With the market booming for this scrumptious treat, even the fashion world wants to get their hands on designing for their very own Cupcake. Many fashion brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have created their own look on the classic Cupcake, by incorporating their distinctive logos into these delicious treats.

Take a LOOK, at some MOUTHWATERING branded CUPCAKES!!!!

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