Thursday, 20 October 2011


The POWER IMPACT of the T-Shirt

The NEW WAVE of Fashion has entered India, with its great traditional essences displayed on a modern staple of anyone's everyday dressing. The simple and basic T-Shirt has been transformed with tradition and culture of the great Sikh Culture, from Traditional Sayings, Images, Colours, Sikh Symbols and historical legacy, they are by far the most eye-catching design that India has in a long time.

With this powerful appeal, they have become extremely popular with any generation of India and have also made a huge impact in the celebrities and Bollywood World, creating more fame than expected.
Many stores around India have opened from New Delhi to Chandigarh and Mumbai, with the Brand name “1469”, which is a memorable year for all Sikh it was the year that Guru Nanak was born. The unique name adds to the great concept that has been formed.

The idea came from Harinder Singh, a Sikh city lover, who lived away from the rural life of Punjab but still had such a 'great passion for Punjab', he wanted to share with the world the great 'rich and proud cultural' that is honored by many Sikhs and Non-Sikhs.

In his creation Harinder Singh wanted to be sure to create the perfect image of his community, regonissing their historical triumps and respect, its witty culture, words from the Gurbani and unique sense of traditions. Harinder wanted to send his messages of his community by the affective communication of a T-Shirts.

He believes that a t-shirt is not just ‘a garment but a medium of communication and a very effective one.’ He has said in may interviews that when you adverts in newspapers or on television it will cost a lot of money and run for a short time and maybe not making the impact that you wanted. But by designing a message on a T-Shirt, the buyer funds the message and the message is out there in the public eye for a long as the T-shirt is wearable.

This is a way that fashion is allowing designers to make a statement, by using Fashion as its main communicator.

Another way that this concept has caught the eye of many Indians, is the way in which Imtiaz Ali Director of Hindi film ‘Rockstar’, has used the slogan that Harinder Singh has created “Saadda Haq” in his new film. Director Imtiaz Ali has placed an order of 300 T-shirts which will be worn by the cast of the “Rockstar’ movie, that is soon to hit movie theaters.

This simple creation is a reflection of the great attitude that many of our ancestors have always embraced.-

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