Monday, 2 January 2012


Chanel takes Bombay infusion, to chic Paris:

The ultimate infusion has taken place, you can now experience the world of Indian culture in an elegant western flavor designed by the mighty man himself Karl Lagerfeld.

Indian fashion is known to be luxurious, detailed, exaggerated and exclusive, so who better to take it to a whole new level than the brand that breathes fashion in every iconic quilted stitch.

The awaited fashion show that took place on December 06, was surrounding by an enormous, fantasy banquet feast for its audience to indulge in while witnessing the new collide of the eastern and western fashion world in one show -stopping show.

The annual Chanel Metiers D'Art show is show that Lagerfeld continues to put on every year, carrying in different cultures into Chanel's iconic style. Many celebrities from the west and east entertainment world, joined together to appreciate the unique collaboration.

Karl Lagerfeld gave his lucky audience a chance to experience his trademark taste of extravagance and elegance, many of the looks incorporated traditional Indian styles, with the recognizable Chanel twists, such as tweed, pearls and jackets.

Take a Look at a selection of looks from the catwalk!-

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