Thursday, 2 February 2012

Work the Ponytail

Working The Ponytail
The effortless hairdo:

The simplest and most easiest hairdo in the hair bible, yet the affective way of completing your look. This look if perfect for any girl, of any age, with any style.
Its not just a high school thing anymore, the ponytail look has been shown to favor the red carpets and the runways of many haute couture designers, so never feel your underdressed when your rocking the ponytail!

Embrace the look for the casual day or the perfect evening style, it can easily be adapted for the occasion.

Adapt your Ponytail:

-Add more body and height to the crown of your head
-Experiment with different ties, for example use ribbon, features, or even brightly cover rubber bands, just to keep it fun and interesting
-Also adding curls and texture to the tail of your Ponytail would give it more of an edgy of glamour, perfect for the evenings!

The one thing to remember, is that with this style of hairdo you can never go wrong, so be brave to challenge the regular Ponytail.... and add some innovation to your lustrous locks!

Now next time your having a bad hair day... ladies, you know exactly how to solve it! -


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