Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Vibe, New Year !

New Vibe... New Year!

It's quite crazy how fast one year can come and go, we tend to only realize this when the year has already been completed. 

Thats why this year we need to set a whole new vibe to our days and weeks of 2015. 

We need to make sure that we make it memorable, and not allow the months to escape us without any memories. 

A brand new year awaits us, giving our soul a sense of lightness and chance. 

Whatever has happened in the past, remember, rebuild and relive bigger and better. 

This year have no fear, have the strength to follow through on all that you wish to achieve, travel more to keep your imagination alive and always express your inner emotions.

A brand new year, 12 unwritten months, 52 weeks of adventures and 365 days of memories to be created.

Waste no moments, take hold of all opportunities and live to experience a new chapter of your life!-

Happy 2015!

- SKarman's Passion -

Photo Info: Taken in the Dubai Desert - December 2014 

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