Monday, 2 February 2015

blk. water

blk. Water

After coming across the water brand on Instagram, I was curious to know and learn more about it. Fortunately there's a really awesome organic store, near where I live they usual stock great international products and I was able to pick up a bottle from there. From the packaging of the water it clearly stands out and grabs your attention, the black liquid and white text truly pops out from other water bottles in a fridge. The black liquid made me a little reluctant to try it, so I can be honest when saying I kept it in my fridge for about a week after purchasing it. 

What is Blk.water?
blk.(bee • el • kay) 
Blk water is premium fulvic enhanced, all natural mineral water. Blk is made without sugar, carbs or calories, and is completely hydrating. 

Why is it black?
This is the outcome of the reaction when fulvic trace minerals are added to pure water. Fulvic is a type of humid acid that is lower in molecular weight, but higher in oxygen. 

Upon opening the bottle you immediately think that there is going to be some sort of strong scent, however, there is no scent from the bottle, like water it has no aroma. When sipping it, it truly does just taste exactly like mineral water, even though your mind wants to make you believe that there is some difference due to the black liquid. If there was a blind tasting test with normal water and Blk. water, I am certain that I would say both glasses tasted the same. 

What are the benefits of Fulvic minerals in blk. water?
Fulvic acid has proven to be a powerful organic electrolyte, serving to balance cell life. There are numerous of health benefits and these are some of them:

- Enhanced Nutrients = Enhances the availability of nutrients and makes them more readily absorbable. 
- Transport of Nutrients = Helps in dissolving and transport of important minerals and vitamins in your body. 
- Stimulates Metabolism = Encourages faster metabolism and energizes the immune system. 

Benefits of drinking blk.water?
So what are the advantages of drinking this black liquid:

- Hydration : contains high pH levels, which helps the body to neutralize acids and stay balanced.
- 0 Calories : it contains no sugar, no carbs, no calories.
- Refreshed : contains electrolytes which help to keep you refreshed and hydrated

As science continues to surprise us in the most unexpected way it was only evident that in time, someone would take normal mineral water and develop in a way that we thought could not be possible. But is there any need to develop the one natural beverage that we all need to intake in order to lead a healthy life, some would argue no. I think that the science behind blk.water is impressive, I believe its a drink that we can all enjoy occasionally but nothing beats or can replace the great taste of normal water.

I feel this product is marketed as a hip product, for a niche audience to grab on to. With health becoming more of a craze rather than a lifestyle choice, this is the perfect example where a company has seen the opportunity to funk up a human necessity making it more desirable, by its use of fancy word references and colour. I would totally recommend everyone to try, and I will also suggest that you should never give up drinking normal water. ★ 

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