Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Antonio Berardi

This seasons many designers are experimenting with different techniques in order to shock their audiences. I really love the detail that ANTONIO BERARDI, has created in this dress. I love the embroidery on the back, the way in which from a distance looks like it has been created on the flesh, and the use of the powerful red colour, both elements, defiantly compliment one another. He has taken a simply design, and completely transformed the back of it. When displayed on the runway, i can imagine the crowd gasping effect it would of head. This creative design feature is one of the examples that has made Berardi, standout amongst other designers in the industry, he is constantly being recognized for his visual effects. Back detailing is a new seasons trend to what out for.- TREND ALERT!


He was born in the UK in 1968, and studied at the famous fashion school Central St. Martins. While studying Antonio worked with the legendary inspirational man of couture John Galliano’s, as his assistant.

His first collection designed in his final year as a student, in 1994, attracted the attention of many London buyers including Liberty. He launched his professional collection, the nest season.

Much of Berardis original inspiration came from the collision of cultures he is apart of, being a proper British Sicilian, and graduating from the London school in Savile Row.-

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