Saturday, 7 August 2010


I wanted to make a post on some of my personal health tips, lifestyle survival guide and my product essentials. I wanted to give my bloggers and insight into my world and to consider the elements i try to stick by in order to live a balanced life.


I’m more or less a vegetarian and I believe that it is important to intake a wide amount of fruit and vegetables everyday. Throughout the day I snack on fruits, while taking in protein from other foods like nuts and eggs. I believe that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, I never leave the house without indulging in a warm bowl of muesli. Good food is power to the brain, giving a positive start to my day.


Underneath all my bag clutter of my wallet, phone, iPod and papers, is my lip balm. An essential item that I am never separated from Burts Bee’s pomegranate lip balm is gentle and nourishing for your lips with a shine. As well as a Lip balm, i always make certain that i have a natural lip gloss that works great all day long. I don't believe in a women to mask her face with make-up, i consider the best make-up a women can wear is a Smile.


For my everyday I use the fresh and light ‘Rain’ by Marc Jacobs. I have fallen in love with YSL limited edition take on their vibrant ‘Elle’, and for those special occasions i love to enjoy the luxury Fendi’s scent of ‘Plazzo”.

A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future-Coco Chanel


For me it is predominantly important that my skin and body are both at a high standard before I can embellish them in expensive products.

I try to oil my hair every 2 to 3 weeks, using a mixture of almond, Dabur and coconut oils. Due to my sensitive skin I moistures well with aloe vera and tea tree creams, making sure that only natures finest touches my skin. When dealing with your skin, it is essential to only use the purest content.


I try to workout four times a week, making sure my body and mind is focused and ready for my week ahead. I try to vary my workouts between vigorous gym sessions, yoga classes and swimming. Exercise is not just strength for the body, but also power to the mind. I take my health very seriously, and constantly make sure that my weight, body and mind is feeling on top.

And last but not least, MY one and only BIBILE and ESSENTIAL to all latest FASHION needs and what i consider the BEST FASHION PROVIDER to THE WORLD!-

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