Friday, 1 July 2011

I ♡ NUDE!!

I ♡ NUDE!!

Lately, I have really been noticing the delicious creamy colour, that almost looks like skin, walking the runways and filling up the wardrobes of many iconic fashion celebrities this season.

The colour NUDE, is known for its sophistication and very lady like influence on any individual. Its perfect for those hot days or evenings, and is ideal for those corporate events. Stylishly this classic colour can be found in handbags, lipsticks, nail polish, shirts, dresses, skirts and shoes.

The colour NUDE: Is great for smart/casual looks as well as dressy, for example evening wear or one-piece outfits.

Nudes are best styled with:
Whites, browns, beige's and also look chic with a pop of colour usually in accessories and handbags.


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