Friday, 1 July 2011


SKarman* is LOVING....♡♡

There are many great brands out their that are experimenting with new takes on the way in which their brand is known. Below are a collection of my favourite items from a variety of brands, that are really feeding something fresh to our fashion taste buds.

The famous wellington company, tries a new style of footwear, offering its consumers the same comfort and weatherproof goodness as any wellington boot of theirs, but in a pair of TRAINERS!

This season Italian brand Prada, has gone for a quirky look on their summer sunglasses. I'm loving the use of two colours, and the texture it brings to the stylish sunglasses, adding a very 50's feel to the whole entire look of the shades. Would be Perfectly styled with a feminine full mini-skirt, ultimately finishing off an outfit with the right amount of fun and personality.

Two favourite things that i love, FASHION and Technology have been combined to create the perfect 'Touch Screen Watch' by D&G Time. Available in a range of popping colours, the ultimately the perfect accessory designed for any modern day male or female of 2011! This is the Future of fashion. Available in 5 different juicy colours.

In Balenciaga's pre-fall 2011 collection we are able to witness, a range of peculiar sweaters that walked the runways. The sweaters are perfect light knits for the end of summer and the start of winter. Designed with different wild animals featured on the front, they are defiantly impacting. I'm loving them, paired with great jeans, its a MUST CASUAL OUTFIT that we all need.


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