Monday, 16 April 2012


Sneakers with a Twist

With the Sports scene, pretty much taking over London this year, with the Olympics the biggest sporting event in sight for July 2012, many sports brands are offering something new... something we are not used to pairing them with.

For example we already had the major collaboration of Stella McCartney and addidas and the designing for the uniforms for the world sporting event, but also Nike creates an exclusive collaboration with luxury department story Liberty London.

Sneakers with flavour, that my kind of thing!

The range Nike X Liberty Super Natural, features a range of different styled sneakers from high-tops to classics, and a variety of vest which feature the iconic paisley prints, that Liberty is famous for.

These sneakers look awesome, with an added tweak of individuality, they are defiantly something to get your hands on. The perfect balance of casual with an added ounce of high-fashion. Exclusive to Liberty London ONLY!

SKarman's Pick:
  • Yellow Liberty Print: There's no convincing me when it comes to sneakers, you can never have too many and they are always the perfect option to pair with anything, when you don't know what to wear. But, i believe they can't just be any ordinary sneakers, they need to have added character and individuality, that what makes them POP! These yellow print ankle sneakers, are my ultimate favourite from the collection. The soft print can be paired with mini shorts and a blazer, adding the right amount of edge... just magnificent!-

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