Monday, 7 May 2012

Pura Vida Bracelets

Made in Costa Rica

The ultimate celebrations of culture and a country, with its vibrant colours and unique designs, there thread bracelets are perfect for summer gateways and beach parties. 

The great business adventure that started with the strong bond of two friends, who planned to celebrate their graduation by hitting the exotic beaches of Panama and Costa Rica for 5 weeks, where their beautiful surroundings and simplistic culture and lifestyle inspired their stylish earthy bracelets. 

They witness a local man weaving a colourful bracelet by hand, in such a simple yet affective way. This ordinary bracelet transformed into an American beach style, now selling in many surf shops, university stores and boutiques, it purely reflects the bright and regular culture of the easy going beach bound Costa Rica. 

I am a big fan of thread bracelets and the major characteristics they individual hold, seeing these Pura Vida Bracelets, whisks me away to cool wave winds of the ocean and the gold sands of paradise. 
Pura Vida bracelets are crafted by the local people in Costa Rica, to present the essences of the rural area and its people, from careful selected beads to colours. The bracelets offer a new attitude to life, when you realize the amount of effort and dedication that is put into every weave of colourful thread. 

'PURA VIDA' means 'PURE LIFE' in spanish!-

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