Monday, 11 June 2012

Airport Dash!

The Airport Dash!

The New Runway... 

The moment of excitement and relief when your about to board that Plane, to a whole new destination! If you love traveling but hate planes, well.... Then the Airport dash, just got a whole new Runway in, and I'm not talking about the Runway for the planes, I'm talking about the Runway for the fashion
(Above: Rosie Huntington Whiteley)
(Kim Kardashian)
Many celebrities, and fashion icons are always caught in the moment just as they're about to enter the airport premises and board their private jets for a quick fly in visit, to somewhere fabulous, and you can almost be certain to grab a glimpse of either their casual style of dressing, their regular poise of dressing or even their extreme side of dressing, depends hugely on the length of their flight duration (I believe).

From classic cosy sweats, to big oversized personality Tees to endearing leathers, you'll be sure to provided with a variety of trends on the Airport Dash runway.
(Selena Golmez)

The bizarre thing that keeps me wondering is how these female celebrities, learn to stay so fresh and outfit perfect! Looking just as great in their arrivals as from when they departed, its simple baffling! I'm guessing glam squads on pronto and maybe the private Jet affect is how this all can be successful! 

(Victoria Beckham) 

So, Next time your set to fly, remember always to not over do it with your Outfit, too much Smart can look a little out of place, a perfect balance of style and comfort is the best combination! And lastly don't forget you Airport Dash strut, you can never be sure who's watching or who you may meet! Happy Travels!-

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