Thursday, 31 May 2012

The T-shirt


Everyone owns one, & everyone wears them in their own way...

The ultimate garment, that you can never have too many of, and that you can always have memories attached to them. From prints, logos, quotes, pictures and even embellished, the style of t-shirts are always being recreated. 

Many people collected t-shirts from certain events or occasions, whether their music, arts, fashion or personal events, a t-shirts is something you can always keep and wear again anytime, and anyhow. 

Many celebrities and designers use them to send out strong messages to the public. The perfect blank canvas easily modified into something that suits you. 

Heres some of my favourite T-shirts available now in stores: 

  • LANVIN, £640, Embellished t-shirt (available at

  • MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF, £130, Printed t-shirt (available from

  • ZARA, £22.99, Open back printed T-shirt, (available from & in stores) 

SKarman's T-shirt Look:

One casual day, after attending an epic concert the night before of the famous Roc Nation musical brothers, Jay Z & Kanye West, I decided to incorporate my unforgettable experience into my next day look. 

After purchasing a t-shirt from the concert, as a statement of momentous from the extravagant evening, i decided styling it with my leather armed parka, blue jeans and wedged sneakers which I am a total fan of lately, simple adding to the casual and laid back mood that any t-shirt brings. Still in the electric hip-hop vibe that I experienced the night before at Watch The Throne concert, I believed that sneakers were the only choice. And Sunglasses always, of course! xX

So experiment with how your work your t-shirts, and remember you can never have too many.-

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