Monday, 30 July 2012

John Barrett's: Pony Tail Bar Opens!

John Barret's: Ponytail Bar Opens

The first Ponytail Bar opens in New York City:

The 23rd of July 2012 marked the opening of the first ever Ponytail Bar, to take the chic city of New York by storm. Thats right ladies, who would of ever thought it to have a dedicated salon just for perfected pony's, styled by the greatest hair stylist in fashion, John Barrett. 

Luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman, is where the salon is based, John Barrett already has a successful salon launched, which offers classic salon experience as well as a exclusively Barrett's Braids bar. Barrett's Braids bar offers, the stylish braid designs, which many celebrities can't get enough of.

The new launch of the Pony Tail Bar, at Bergdorf Goodman was marked with a Pony Tail Party, celebrating the effortless style that can now be worn easily by the fabulous women of New York City (so unfair).

"A good ponytail is like a good heel-it gives you a little lift" - John Barrett

The experience at the salon bar offers you a menu of various different ponytails, to suit every hair type, for every occasion and for each individual personality. You can choose from:

  • The High Pony: From tight and sleek to playful with a few loose curls
  • The Mid-crown pony: Think classic, think British Royalty Duchess of Cambridge 
  • The Sculpted Pony: Style Grecian twist, with a spin on Olivia Wilde
  • The Braided Pony : Red-carpet-to-go, Blake Lively 
  • The Low Pony: A light casual mess, sophisticated and tucked under 
  • The Top Knot: A professionally polished version of what so many of us do ourselves on a hot summers day, but with a whole lot of chic

The ponytail is a hairstyle considered by many designers, hairstylist and photographers as the most effective hairstyle, so easily made interesting with added braids and crown volume, perfect for any occasion be it a day lunch or a red carpet extravaganza... its just Absolutely Amazing!
So for anyone traveling to NYC soon, be sure to make a booking at John Barrett's Salon, i know that i defiantly have this on my to-do list! I'm dying to try out the Braid pony! -

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