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Indian Jewellery

Indian Jewellery

The beauty of traditional Indian Jewellery:

From chunky necklaces, bangles, cuffs, earrings, head pieces, tika's (traditional Indian head jewellery) and rings, traditional Indian jewellery offers some of the most beautiful pieces in the world. 
Indian jewellery has always been an on going custom, to be treasured, passed on and to be gifted. Many people associated gold jewellery with India, but many do not realise that Indian Jewellery offers much more than just gold to its pieces. From unique designs, to stones, diamond cuts and a traditional use of the jewellery. 

Jewellery is often known to be associated with women, but many decades ago during the times of Maharaja's (Kings) of India, many of the men were drenched in Royal design which used diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and pearls, to exhibit their importance and wealth. Even in todays modern India, men wear jewels during their religious wedding ceremony, this is to signify them as princes, on their special day. 

(Indian Maharaja King)

Western designers such as Alexander McQueen and Chanel have often used Indian jewellery during their fashion shows and as part of their collection inspiration. Indian jewellery offers a unique ethnicity to it, a holds a huge variety, from style to colour and size of the delicate pieces. 

(Chanel Show 2011/12

Indian Jewellery currently has been challenging the tradition and focusing more on the modern day, costume jewellery, with new younger designers giving the younger generation, unique and playful jewellery. Such as my favoruite Indian contemporary designer such as Eina Ahluwalia and Nitya Arora, using traditional symbolic Indian objects and colours in a modern take, so effective.-


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