Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jil Sander's Paper Bag

Jil Sander's Paper Bag

Worlds most expensive Paper bag:

Jil Sander's latest creation is environmental friendly, and possibly the most unconventional accessory to be reinvented. . The Vasari design, from Autumn/Winters 2012-13 menswear collection, features the classic crafted coated paper bag, available now to buy on line for £185.  

Based on the ever classic design of a paper bag, that is usual known to traditional carry grocery's and other items, its hard to tell the differences between an ordinary paper bag and a Jil Sander's paper bag. 

The simple rectangle Jil Sander paper bag shows visble brown stitching seams on either side and two metal eyelets at the bottom. The design also features a small 'Jil Sander' logo stamped on the front, making sure you know which one cost you more than just 10p at the supermarket. 

Also seen walking down the catwalk for the menswear collection was also a contemporary style paper bag, in a soft black leather, also embossed with 'Jil Sander' logo at the front. 

Jil Sander's has always known to push the boundaries of the ordinary, this latest take on an ordinary paper bag has proven successful with the piece selling out online. 

I guess we are fashion oblivious, when it comes to quirky and unique designs... we can ultimately wear anything as long as the most stylish people are creating it. I defiantly think this idea is genius, perfectly practical yet chic, the balance that we all need.

Many other designers have been seen transforming ordinary paper bags into designer bags, just by their icon logo's, take a look at what I found online. 

I guess there ideal for pack lunches or to carry bits and bobs, because ordinary carrier bags are just not dapper.-

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