Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Vogue's FNO is BACK!

(FNO T-shirt 2012)

Vogue's Fashions Night Out is Back!

The biggest night of Fashion:

Its that time of year again, where the whole month of September is buzzing with fashion events, and to kick of the fabulous hectic month can only be christened by the ultimate fashion magazines, Vogue's Fashion Night Out worldwide event. 

Every year Vogue host FNO in over 10 countries from Japan to Turkey, from New York to India, every fashion capital has its FNO evening. The evening is dedicating to late night shopping and special treat and guest appearances from the designers themselves, its a time, where everyone who loves fashion can join in and celebrate!

(Editors: In Japan for Vogues FNO 2011) 

For London Vogue's FNO is taking place on the 6th September (just one day to go). There can defiantly be promised an evening of fashion spectacular. Everyone in fashion loves Vogue's FNO, and many designer brands create exclusive items that can only be purchased on the night, this helps add to the unique event. 

The brand of ultimate Chic, Chanel will be launching an exclusive new beauty collection, just for the one night. At last years London FNO, Chanel's exclusive collection for the Vogue event, sold out, with great success and amazing momentous of the evening, who wouldn't want to have a limited edition Chanel nail polish or lipstick! This year Chanel is also celebrating their beauty pop-up store in Covent Garden, the new shades are perfect for your autumn / winter looks, with deep luscious tones of Vamp purple and dusty beige, its the perfect treat!

(Above: Chanel's Vogue's FNO Collection)

So don't forget stylish lovers, that tomorrow night is VOGUES FNO... have your wardrobe ready and get ready to mingle with the fashion industry's finest!-

P.S Don't forget to pick up your FNO T-Shirt, designed by Jonathan Sanders, all proceeds go to support Refugee charities.

( In the Boodles Photo Booth for Vogue's FNO 2011)

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