Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Together Bag : Designer Tote

Together Bag 
By Thursday Friday

Designer bags transform into durable tote bags:

The most wanted luxury designer 'IT' bag to sweep the fashion world, costing only $35 (around £21),  your probably thinking this can't be right? Yes its right! Its known as the 'Together Bag' created by the brand 'Thursday Friday' this is one luxurious accessory that will not break your bank. 

The unique idea uses a printed image of an 'IT' bag that we all love and adore on an ordinary canvas bag, images from a contemporary Celine to a classic Chanel. Its the perfect bag for the beach, carrying groceries, or running errands but it still allows you to stay oh so fabulous at the same time.  

The Together Bag designs are a playful take on fashion's mainstream designer handbags, it adds a whole lot of fun into an ordinary canvas bag. When I first came across these bags, I was impressed by the brilliant idea making a reusable bag so chic (why hasn't anybody thought of this before). With the world becoming much more environmentally friendly, and supermarkets pushing the concept of reusing bags, the Together Bag stands out as a first class replacement to any ordinary plastic or paper bag.

As well as the supermarket, the Together Bag can easily be paired with any casual day outfit. Adding a bold and statement accessory to any outfit gives it a great kick into style and personality. 

Thursday Friday is a brand that what's to show the fun side of fashion. They create products that are easy to acquire and use, that are inspired by class and iconography. They don't want their brand to be about complication or abstract concepts but... for Thursday Friday and everyday.

Different styles available in various colours and sizes, its practically perfect for any adventures in your life!-

Available at: www.thufri.com

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