Monday, 12 August 2013

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc's next move:

Whats next on the cards for a man who has created a brand with such a high level of ethos. Recognized around the world, its surely hard to deny that most devoted fashion lovers own something Marc Jacobs. From his wide range of fragrances, eyewear, fashion, handbags, books, shoes, watches and children's wear it was only a matter of time before Marc Jacobs put his mark on beauty. 

Hugely successful fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Chanel and Michael Kors have all branched their brands into the beauty world. With worldwide admires, who wouldn't want a Marc Jacobs lipstick, to accompany their Marc Jacobs handbag? 

Last week marked the opening of Marc Jacobs Beauty store in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. Truly making a clear statement to the world about his new range, with a 500 square feet stand alone store. The space was once used to display Marc Jacobs accessories has now converted into a beauty palace, offering customers quality products for their skin. It has been said that Marc is 'extremely passionate' about this new element that has been added to his thriving brand. 

Globally there are around 300 Marc Jacobs stores, the company is set to expand the brand more in the US, with a new flagship store on Fifth Avenue in 2014. The new make-up range is set to launch in Europe, Asia and Middle East during the course of 2014, for now the new NYC Manhattan store steals all the glory as well as selected Sephora stores.

In the recent release of Marc Jacobs beauty there has been rumors that the brand is not done with its growth, there are high possibilities in the future that you could buy Marc Jacobs furniture and fine jewellery. Can not wait for that to happen!-


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