Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Trip to India

Travel Diary:

The month of July has been a very busy one, so much so that I didn't even have the time to blog. I finally found the time out there in India to capture some of my experience with my travel diary. Trying to travel light, I decided not to take my SLR camera on my journey, instead I wanted to experiment with my iPhone 5 camera, and all the editing apps available. Come and explore...

My Trip to India:

Landing into the exotic air of New Delhi Indira Gandhi airport on Saturday morning, there was a sense of excitement and pure delight to be back home in India. 

That first gush of hot warm air as you enter outside the airport, searching in the crowds of people for the person that has come to receive you... Is the greatest overwhelming impact for a Non resident of India (N.R.I). After coming to India, every year since I can remember that first major impact of India never fades. As we made our way to the car, bearing the wet humid heat, your truly dying for a breath of AC to save you sweat. 

As we make our drive out of the airport parking and on to the streets of Delhi, it's nice to always come back an discover improvements to the surroundings. This journey has been completed over 10 or 15 times that I can remember and yet still, I find it hard to remember the route home. I blame the hectic traffic habits and constant loud beeps from cars driving at you from all sides of the road, for being a distraction. 

Adjusting to India, and it's significant ways always takes a day. Until I've slept, woke up and realized my surroundings do I feel I can adjust to them. Getting home there's nothing more than a warm shower and some amazing food to clear the blur of the overnight plane journey. Once my taste buds are satisfied and body refreshed the first shopping trip commence, with blood shot eyes we waste no time to get back into the swing of Indian fashion happenings. The trip was very much scheduled to a strict timeline of how long we would spend in every state before moving to another, and completing our lists. 

India is such a huge country,with over 28 states and growing cities there's always something new you can discover in India. With the fashion industry on its highest growth at the moment, the world of Indian designers just keeps on developing. The Indian fashion cycle holds many elements of western fashion, with its repetition of old time fashion styles reinventing themselves in the contemporary world. 

After a couple of days of moving around fabulous Delhi, we made our journey to the countryside of state of Punjab. The air feels cleaner, the grass is green and the people are oh so real India. The state of Punjab allows you to enjoy the true sense of Organic food from local farms and home-grown produce, you can always expect the full quality of food. This was the only time in the trip, where relaxation could be enjoyed.

After moving from different towns, time definitely moved fast and was running out. As we made our way back to Delhi for our final dose of the city before our flight home. Tying up loose ends, I was final pleased to be heading home to London, after a swift and enriching two weeks of my beautiful India.-



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