Thursday, 19 December 2013

Battle of the Lip Balms

Battle of the Lip Balms:

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If there's anything that anyone can know about me, it is my true obsession over lip care. I constantly have the urge to find out new products, buy funky packed products and I am a total sucker for organic anything. In the bottom of any handbag you will always find at least two variations of Lip care products (a spare just incase I am not in the mood for a particular one). If for some horrific occasion I leave my house without any lip care, you can definitely find me running to the nearest beauty store, to replenish my lip balm addiction. 

With the winter season fully in action, Lip care is more than a must for everyone. That's why I decided to share my thoughts and suggestions for my top 5 lip care products in the market. I am no beauty expert, but as a devoted user of lip care products, since I can remember... there's no harm in a little human to human recommendation. 

Top 5: 

- EOS Bluberry Acia
- Burts Bees with Pomegranate oil 
-Yu-Be moisturising cream
- Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream 
- Christian Dior Rose 

-EOS is properly the newest to my collection, after seeing the craze hit the USA, I was delighted to get my hands on it in the UK. EOS stands for the Evolution Of Smooth, its is 100% natural. It most definitely leaves your lips smooth and smelling tasty. With its cool design feature, and antioxidants rich its the perfect lip care to gift. (Available in Selfridges / Topshop)

-Burts Bees with Pomergrante oil is probably one of my oldest lip care choices. Its a problem solver to any lip care issues. I constantly finding myself going back to it, as it undeniable works. (Available in most Pharmacy's)  

- The Yu-Be cream was a discovery that I came across while exploring SpaceNK one afternoon. After hearing the diverse uses of the cream from hands, face, feet and lips... I felt that it needed to be in my ultimate collection. It's truly a miracle worker, but not hugely popular yet in the UK. It's one of those multi-purpose use creams. (Available in SpaceNK) 

- Elizabeth Arden's Eight hour cream is a total classic in anyone beauty cupboard. After stealing my sister tube, when I was young its something that has forever stayed in my beauty collection. Its diverse use, and iconic smell helps mend many skin problems. A true investment. (Available at all department stores)

- Christian Dior's lip balm was truly a luxurious treat. Who would want to wear such a magnificent lip care, stylishly packed. Its perfect for using underneath lip sticks and gloss, for an added strength of moistures. With its romantic scent, its hard not to resist. (Available in all good department store) 

Be sure to be Lip care ready for your winter holiday!-

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