Tuesday, 3 December 2013

House of Waris

House of Waris

The art of craftsmanship:

I have been meaning to blog about this brand for a while now, better late than never. When visiting the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition in London (See blog link here), I came across this portrait of a man wearing a Turban and an easily noticeable iconic Chanel tweed jacket. Being a British Indian, I was fascinated to find out more about this guy, and was disappointed that I have never come across him or his work before.

Waris Ahluwali is an Indian American known for his acting and his career as a designer. After moving to Brooklyn, NYC at the age of five with his family, he has established his name and brand House of Waris to growing industry of fashion. Since his brand success, he has teamed up with a variety of influential fashion brands and icons to collaborate on collections, from scarves to sunglasses.

From statement rings to design influences highlighted from the Sikh religion his fine jewellery has become a very popular name for the Hollywood elite. His method of creativity lies more elements that just style, "I’m a storyteller, before anything else, and I’m an explorer—that’s why we’re here,”.

Known as the man of many talents from his acting career, to his flourish fine jewellery line, impact in the fashion industry and never ending research on his mother land of India, its hard not to be capture into his talented ways. Waris Ahluwali was recently apart of American high-street brand 'Gap's' new advertising campaign, a company thats know to embrace colour to their advertisement campaigns.

My interest and awareness to jewellery has really developed over the last few months, I love discovering new brands, styles and crafts. Designing jewellery is what I call a form of art, there's got to be a depth of story, an element of glamour and a design of prestige. -

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