Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chanel Cruise Collection 2012/13

Chanel - Cruise Collection 2012-2013 

Karl Lagerfeld Strikes again!

Mr Karl Lagerfeld present the phenomenal Cruise collection, in the beautiful Parisian backdrop of Chateau de Versailles. The models strutted around the beautiful Palace gardens in Chanel's newest creations, many fashion celebrities joined the front rows of the catwalk show. 

Karl Lagerfeld brought a brand new themes to the ever iconic Chanel chic, keeping some signature Chanel looks and adding a new, fun and edgy contemporary spin on the collection. 

Karl said that "It’s serious revolt. It’s not at all 18th century. It’s very rock. You can hardly recognize the girls." He has transformed the looks of the models, replacing their locks, with sharp and short bangs wigs, with an added rebellious touch of colour from purple to strong black. 

From dark shades, to lights pastels, denim and embellished details, Karl Lagerfeld was truly inspired by the rock 'n' roll edge, but still was able to keep the looks flowing with femininity and class. Loving the balance of structure on the top of the outfits, and more of a care-free feel to the bottom half, from loose pants and full long shirts. 
The accessories included double 'C' beauty spots, that were featured below each right eye coherent to every model, which marked the brand very gracefully. 

Lagerfeld closed the show with his signature look frock coat and dark shades. Once again Chanel delivered absolute iconic sophistication in every look.- 

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