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Michael Agwunobi

Michael Agwunobi

The man behind the 'TRILL' T-shirt:

Exclusive Interview

Michael Agwunobi a 21 year old London born Nigerian boy that is making his mark on the urban fashion scene with his garish and outspoken t-shirts... he is bringing a whole new language to fashion. This exclusive interview with the man himself, will invite you to discover the journey behind his street-style creations that have gone global. 

I first saw Michael Agwunobi's distinctive 'Trill' T-shirt online being worn by Billboards number one pop artist, Barbadian singer Rihanna, while photographed in New York City on an airport dash. Rihanna, paired her white 'Trill' T-shirt (£39.99) with Bape Camo pants and her  Isabel Marant cotton and linen coat, and finished  her outfit off with a black Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle bag and Super Ilaria Gold sunglasses.

From that moment I was intrigued to find out the story behind the t-shirt.

(*)- How did it all begin? 

'I do photography as a hobby, in order to bring out the best in your picture you needed to have an editing software in my case it was photoshop. I love doing anything creative so after my photoshopping skills developed, sometimes when I was bored I would randomly design something on photoshop being a quote, symbol or image. Prior to starting my brand I had been using Tumblr for a while. I followed new up and coming brands watching them start from the start and slowly progressed it inspired me. So one day I thought let me give it a try and see how it goes. I wanted to start with something special, so I went with black tees with faux fur leopard pockets. It started off slow but with a bit of promoting it started to pick up. Thankfully its still going today.'

(*)-How did the idea behind the design's & logo's come about?

'What inspired me to start making these t-shirt designs, was actually a brand called SSUR they are the people behind the *Comme des Fuckdown* beanie. I thought it was quite cool how they made play of logos or brand names. What I do is make play of brands that are in trend but mix it with a popular saying or word, for example the 'Trill' tee which has  stars on the shoulders similar to Givenchy and the word "trill" which is coming out of everyones mouth these days.'

(*)-Who is your Dream Customer?

'In the future i'll be making cut & sew clothing. So a dream customer would have to be Kanye West as he is known for being a very stylish man, so for him to buy something from me would be a massive sign.'

(*)-What other products are you looking to create for Michael Agwunobi? 

'Hats, watches, bags, jackets, shirts, sweaters and pants.'

(*)- Who is Michael Agwunobi's style icon?

'Theophilus London. We both share a slim physique so anything that looks good on him may also suit me.' 

(*)-What does the future hold for Michael Agwunobi?

'That the name "Michael Agwunobi" comes first ahead of Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps and any other famous Michael's when searched on Google (laughs). Also to be known globally, having stores in Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and of course London.'

Raw fashion garments like these are becoming immensely popular, with their expressive logo's and powerful messages. I really appreciate the authenticity of street style with an urban spin, its relaxed yet with a major impact, effortlessly. Fashions main outcome to the world is to create a statement, get noticed and be heard, I feel that many contemporary undiscovered designers like, Michael Agwunobi are willing to take it to a whole new level.-

To purchase your very own Michael Agwunobi t-shirt go online: 

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