Friday, 26 October 2012

Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo

Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo 

Art & Fashion Collaborate:

New York based contemporary artist Rob Pruitt recently launched a new collaboration with London based luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo. Much of the collection is based around Pruitt's main fascination that is a constant inspiration to his work, the beloved lovable animal... Pandas! 

The collection which is available now, includes glitter zebra sandals, slippers, silk scarf, key chain and adorable glitter angel and devil panda clutches, priced at £9500.00. The exclusive angel and devil panda clutches, are incrusted with over 11,000 hand applied Swarovski crystals and finished inside with black leather lining... WOW...thats some serious SPARKLE!

In a press release Rob Pruitt shared his story: "The panda is a recurring image seen throughout the body of my artwork. It’s a symbol that reminds us both to tread lightly and to appreciate the adorable. They represent the harmony of yin and yang."

Simple concept, yet executed in such a fabulous manner and a whole lot of glitter. Rob Pruitt broke out onto the art scene in NYC, during the 80's with his colourful, pop-art influenced work and his latest art collect was influenced by the master of pop-art Andy Warhol. Jimmy Choo;s creative director realized the potential in his bright and playful style of art and knew that this would balance out perfectly with Jimmy Choo's classic elegance. 

Jimmy Choo creative directors Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway said. "We sensed that Rob's twist on Jimmy Choo glamour would yield something very collectable and uniquely beautiful.

This is not the first time that Jimmy Choo has collaborated with artists, I believe the strong relationship with fashion and art is continuing to flourish in the industry, with more influence and appeal to different audiences.-

(Video: Exclusive interview with creative directors of Jimmy Choo & Rob Pruitt animation)

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