Monday, 15 October 2012

Vogue Cafe in DUBAI

(Image: Taken from a  Vogue Korea shoot) 

Vogue Cafe to open in Dubai 

From Fashion to Food:

Conde nast publication the provider for all top luxury fashion, lifestyle and home magazines, is set to branch out into the UAE in a way new element. Vogue magazine, recognized world wide as a brand for fashion lovers, providing the world with the latest in stylish and current news on fashion. Vogue has since grown to many countries around the world, being defined for its classic glamour in the world of print media.

The Vogue Cafe will be located in the new worlds largest Shoe store, that is being build inside The Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is noted to be the worlds largest shopping mall in the world, catering from Middle Eastern traditional fashion, to European designers and exclusive restaurants. Dubai is known for its glamour, glitz and over the top lifestyle, fitting in perfectly with everything that Vogue represents.

Alongside the Vogue Cafe, Conde Nast restaurants will also be opening a GQ Bar in a five star hotel in the United Arab of Emirates. Branching into the Middle East is many of the ways that Conde Nast is trying to expand its market onto other elements and not just through publication.

(Image: Vogue Cafe to open in The Dubai Mall 2013)

 Sister establishments of Conde Nast Restaurants such as  Vogue Café, GQ Bar and Tatler Club are already in operation in Moscow, where they cater to a high-end clientele. New openings include the GQ Bar in Istanbul and Vogue Cafe Kiev, all set to open in 2013. I am pretty sure that soon enough there will be a London based Vogue Cafe... I can imagine the finest couture coffee beans, serving up a perfect blended beverage. I guess we will just have to hold tight up till then!-

(Image: Vogue Cafe in Moscow, Russia)

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