Friday, 21 June 2013

Atelier AZZA

Atelier AZZA
By Azeeza Desai Khan

USA Brand with a Fusion:

Atelier AZZA is a US based womenswear fashion label that produces one of a kind cut, hand embroidered, sewn and finished entirely by hand. I came across this brand a few months back, I immediately fell in love with the juicy vibrant colours and amazing detailed embroidery. The embroidery surprised me, somehow I felt there was an Eastern Indian inspiration behind it, I was yet to discover so much more cultural connection behind the brand.

The lady behind the brand, Azeeza Desai Khan recently was nominated for the 2012 'Rising Star in Design' award by the Fashion Group International. So how did her fashion design journey begin?

Azeeza Khan began her fashion education in India, where she trained for 2 years learning the fundamentals of design and intricate embellishment. Born and raised in the US, much of Atelier AZZA's collection shows the culture fuse between Western cuts with Indian influenced embellishments from her heritage. With the launch of the brand with her S/S 2012 collection, international fashion magazines showed their keen interested the newly developed brand.

'Born Fashionista' Vogue India 
'Breakout Emerging Designer' TimeOut Magazine

Established just under one year ago and already featured thrice in Vogue, this developmental phase has brought to light the label's signature aesthetic of billowing frocks, structured blazers and exaggerated scarves juxtaposed against statement embellishments. Currently, the label is underground and available via bespoke custom order to an exclusive clientele base. 

Its beautiful exotic look with a contemporary appeal, its hard not to fall in love with this brand. I love fashion garments that tell a story, and speak different language of style. Atelier AZZA showcases the beautiful heritage of Indian embroidery and embellishment, with classic cuts and silhouettes. 

With the brand being born in the heart of Chicago, there's a beautiful essence of city chic within the designs. Outfits that can be taken from street style day with embellished scarfs and blazers to evening glamour with flowing gowns. With an exclusive boutique located on Michigan Avenue in the buzz of the fashion district of Chicago town. 

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