Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Turban trend

The Turban trend 

Global takeover:

A touch of the eastern fashion with a contemporary modern day feel to the look. The turban trend, is a fashion fad that never seems to die out. Perfect for those summer time looks, from Boho elegances to parisian flair, its a style that can work well with your flat sandals and sky high heels. 

An pure essences of old time glam, many celebrities fall back on this trend embracing a relaxed mood to their looks. Last spring/summer catwalk '12 saw the trend hitting the runways for a return, with Dolce & Gabbana welcoming the scarf wrapped turban look. 

In many Eastern cultures the Turban is an important connection to religion and tradition, but for fashion its the perfect and glamourous way of hiding a bad hair day. Its this summer most essential item, working it in your beach bikini look, to your city street-style. 

I am in love with this trend, for those that can totally pull it off so effortlessly, I salute you. A unique touch of difference to any ordinary outfit, for your casual day attire to your evening gatherings. A trend that I have not been that brave enough to try out, but most certainly up for the fashionable challenge of turbans. - 


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