Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Clover Canyon - Brand Profile

Brand Profile:

The world of fashion is endless with its new designers, its great expansion and global appreciation... it truly is hard to keep up. I recently discovered the brand Clover Canyon, and was completely blown away with its imaginative and exotic prints. 

(Clover Canyon - Resort 2014)

The LA designed and produced brand, is a true reflection of Californian style. With its unique electric, vivid prints and amazing streamlined silhouettes, its hard not to picture the looks behind the Californian sunshine. 
The brand can describe their "look of Clover Canyon is jubilant."

The Clover Canyon is distinct with its pieces, working collaboratively, and drawing on their shared passion for travel and art, the team based in LA design original prints, and hand-engineer them to frame and enhance the body.  With new technology of prints, meets the old world of craftsmanship, the garments are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in-house.

The fresh spirited vibe to the prints, has an urban yet tribal feel to the garments but with an elegant twist in design style (what a perfect balance).  When first viewing this collection, I felt that the prints hold a story and a journey of some kind. The electrifying prints show different heritage from tribal African prints, to classic ancient, through to modern day geometric prints. Each garment with its own personality, and burst of fashion flare.

An LA based brand that is now appreciated international, and is available to purchase online from Net-A-Porter.com. The best thing about prints is there ultimate classic styling, they can be adjusted to your day and evening style effortlessly. I am a big fan of prints, I love unique and elegant classics that can be forever reworked into your wardrobe favourites.

Clover Canyon is proudly made in California and will always stick to its origin.-


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