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Arthur George By Rob Kardashian

Sock Swag

Funky socks by Arthur George:

Rob Kardashian is following in the footsteps of his fashionable older and younger sisters. The American reality TV show family that has gained worldwide success, building an enormous brand empire...and yet has another surprise up their sleeve. With  Kourtney, Kim and Khole Kardashian having made their mark on the fashion world with their various collection collaborations and watched style, the only male Kardashian is also set to hit the fashion world in a whole new direction. At the end of 2012 Robert Kardashian launched his 1st collection 'Arthur George' socks, exclusively available in US luxury department store Neiman Marcus

Arthur George collection offers something new to your average pair of socks that you have lying in your draw, their modern, fun and above all they are covered in vibrant and unique patterns. Each pair is made of Egyptian cotton, and available in a choice of 35 different patterns, although they are marketed at men, they are most definitely unisex. (I have certainly found a couple of pairs that I just need to have).

The name of Rob Kardashian's sock line is taken from a family connection, his middle name is Arthur and his late fathers middle name was George, he combined the two to create a stand-out classy brand, away from the Kardashian brand name that his sisters are apart of. The fashion forward Rob Kardashian has a huge interest in fashion, he appreciates what women wear and takes notice. He choose socks as his starting point for Arthur George, as he has said that socks are his thing.

Each pair of the 35 sock collection, holds a interesting pattern that you would not imagine to be on your socks. Rob takes inspiration from everything and anything, he has worked to create pieces that have been officially designed by him. 

"I'd take a picture of something and try and bring it to life. These had a lot of wild colors. I wanted it to look different. We had so many prints to chose from and Neimans did the final selection, though everything had my design behind it and approval."

You can never have too many socks, their a human essential... I have found my new favourite brand for my SOCKS. Arthur George is dapper, trendy and a pop of personality to anyones outfit! -

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Above: Rob Kardashian wearing his very own Arthur George socks!

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