Friday, 15 March 2013

Sophie Webster

Sophie Webster

Emerging new talent:

When I first came across Sophie Webster's shoes designs at the end of 2012, there was only one delicious word that came to my mind...Candy. Bright, bold and beautiful, bursting with sweetness with their electric colours and fantasy fairy-tale like finishing. I just loved them, nothing like the world had every seen before, a whole new breadth of footwear, thats fun, quirky and yet flawlessly elegant.

Sophie Webster is exploding out on to the fashion scene, with her impeccable footwear designs after being mentored by Nicolas Kirkwood, she is now breaking out to create her own brand. Being spotted by Nicholas Kirkwood and his business partner, while attending Royal College of Art and winning two separate competitions that Kirkwood had judged. Webster soon went on to becoming Kirkwoods design assistant, a remarkable opportunity for a newcomer. Following her experience under Nicolas Kirkwood's wing, Sophie Webster made sure that her experience allowed her to absorb as much direction and knowledge as she could possible could obtain from footwear guru himself and his team. 

Nicholas Kirkwood describes her as "She has a unique way of looking at things. There is a maturity and complexity in her designs, but they are still youthful."

With the help of Kirkwood and his business partner Christopher Suarez, Sophie Webster was able to launch her pre-spring'13 collection of her made-in-brazil label, this had retailers eager to learn more. With a great platform of launch for her brand, Webster has been picked up by renowned international retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Net-a-Porter, Browns London and Colette in Paris. Her accessories collection which includes, high heels, flat shoes, clutches and mini handbags, is priced between £150-£450. 

The overwhelming response of retailers was definitely a dream come true for Sophie Webster, who truly feels thankful for her successful break into the fashion world. "I'm really pleased and so flattered that this level of retailers and buyers are supportive and they got it," she said of her collection, though the level of success is still unreal. "It's going really fast, but I'm enjoying every minute." Being new to the world of fashion, and only 2 collection established, she still believes she has a lot still to prove and offer the retailers that believed in her and consumers that took a risk in wearing her shoes. 
I truly think her collection is irresistible, as with many other brands you can be satisfied with just one shoe from each brand, but with Sophie Webster the choice is endless and totally tempting. Each of her designs holds a new element of excitement. I believe that shoes are a major factor to anyones outfit, be it casual or glamour, they can enhance your style attitude to its highest peak of luxury.
Every women undeniable has a fetish for shoes, and there is simple no cure for it then satisfying your craving. Be sure to watch out and indulge into a pair of Sophie Webster heels.-

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  1. Yesss definitely candy is the right word her shoes are amazing, so talented!

    1. Her designs are endless amounts of innovation!

      Thank you for your comments on SKarman's Passion... Stay posted for more fashion news!
      x ★SK