Monday, 11 March 2013

Givenchy creates for Rihanna's Tour

Givenchy creates for Rihanna's Tour

Custom-made just for RhiRhi:

Roc Nations Rihanna has kicked off her world tour, this month... And let's just say she has kicked it off in absolute style. Riccardo Tisci has created bespoke Givenchy couture outfits exclusively for Rihnna's Diamonds tour. The outfits are worn at the beginning of her concert production, it consists of a dark and romantic feel, with a floor-length ruffle silk-crepe cape and black nappa thigh high boots, which Rihanna is known to be a fan of. Other pieces include an embroidered parka in stand-out Givenchy style printing, a white leather bra and silk satin shorts.

The collaboration between musical artists and fashion brands, is forever growing stronger. It has become a trend of its own, for elite designers to design exclusive custom-made attire for music artists. Performers like Rita Ora, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, have all been lucky enough to have designer costumes for the concert performances, made by the finest in fashion.

With the tour already in full swing, this saw Rihanna debuting the looks first time on stage. The inspiration behind the costumes was definitely taken from Givenchy's menswear a/w '13 collection, with its elements of 'strong sensual iconography'. Givenchy the brand and Rihanna are big fans of heavy sportswear and street-wear style, this mutual obsession worked perfectly for Tisci to understand the aura of Rihanna. 

 "Rihanna represents what young and amazing means today. She is punk and talented. She offers intelligence, energy and pure beauty." Tisci

This is not the first time that Riccardo Tisci has costom-made something for Rihanna. At the end of last month following the Barbadian born singers birthday, Tisci designed and sent a custom made t-shirt graphic t-shirt that featured Rihanna's face on it. Givenchy is well-know for popularizing the t-shirt trend, with amazing graphic patterns, prints and images. Tisci truly has a soft spot for the Rude Boy singer. (T-shirt below)

Rihanna is at the peak of her career, with her recently new album, her fashion collaboration with River Island and now the start of a new tour... she is most definitely taking over the world.

"Rihanna has what every girl inspires to have," added Tisci. "She is the face of her generation."-

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