Friday, 5 April 2013

Cosmic Collection by Charlotte Olympia

'Cosmic Collection' 
by Charlotte Olympia 

What's your star sign?

Who would have thought it that astrology and fashion would create such an interesting mixture. The newest Cosmic Collection by Charlotte Olympia has just arrived, with its unique inspiration of Horoscope signs, each flat pair of shoes and clutch bag carries its own individual design.

Have you ever thought that maybe shoes can depict a women's star sign, and therefore able to tell you a lot more about that person, well if you consider wearing Charlotte Olympia's new Cosmic Collection then you most certainly will be able to.

Designer Charlotte Dellal curiosity into the cosmic world led her to her latest designs. “I’ve always had a thing for all things mystical. I don’t live by astrology but I do love to know other people’s signs; I’m quite good at guessing.”

The new and exclusive cosmic collection features jewel encrusted horoscope charms, each of the twelve suede slip-on pumps has a colourful matching box clutch. The horoscope clutch and flat slipper shoes work perfectly together as a pair. With a variety of colours to suit every signs, its kind of hard to stick to your own birth sign. These witty designs are perfect to add a little bit of fun to your wardrobe, and if you are a believer of the stars, then each pair of shoes & clutch come with horoscope book, so you know what is coming up for you... hopefully you'll be wearing your Cosmic Collection shoes when luck strikes. 

Charlotte Olympia is known for her quirky collections that are unforgettable. She knows the perfect blend for a successful fashion accessory, an element style, a dash of luxury and a drop of fun... the ideal mixture for any fashionista.  

SKarman's Choice: 

My birthday is 16th July, so my Birth sign is Cancer. I couldn't love the colour and design even more... its like its made just for me. I guess its true, you tend to always play up to what your horoscope says about you. No-one can deny a comfortable and cheerful flat pair of shoes, their always functionally comfortable for any purpose. -
To learn more about the collection, click here.

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  1. OMG I love Charlotte Olympia! The idea is genious and the shoes are beautiful, I want Capricorn please :)