Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nike Studio Wrap Shoes

Nike Studio Wrap Shoes

Calling all Yoga Bunnies:

The trend of bare feet fitness has become much more popular over the last 5 years, with woman turning to Pilates, Yoga and more holistic methods of working out. I love working out, but I do find the gym occasionally unimaginative I like changing up my workout plan with different styles of fitness. I like getting fit and also engaging my mind to a whole new level of fitness focus, classes like Yoga and Pilates are directed for this type of self-satisfaction.

When discovering this amazing new shoe design from Nike, I was fascinated and excited about the innovation of the design. I like the support and comfort that it offers your feet and yet the freedom to bend, flex and rotate. The perfect innovation that allows your feet to experience the sense of a bare feet, but the stability and hygiene of covered feet. While practicing most holistic sports there comes a time when with the power of the moves, make your feet slip through the sweat in your foot, Nike Studio wrap shoes offer you the support.

These flattering Nike Studio Wrap shoes are perfect to walk around the studio floors with and move from class to class with the outside shoes provided. The flat slip over shoes, can take you from the studio to the street, with amazing durability and protection. With a multi-groove flex, it is offering the most movement to your feet. 

The perfect silhouette has been created with the elegant wrapping of the ribbons. With an organized drawer like box, its easy to keep your Nike Studio Wrap shoes in place. Stylish sports-wear with a minimalist touch, once your feet get the chance of experience a Nike studio wrap pair of shoes... there's no going back to ordinary bare feet.-


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